The late gold Rolex submariner series 116613LN black water ghost

The previous understanding of Rolex was old-fashioned, Noumea riches, and the most important thing was vulgarity. Maybe it was when I was young, I didn’t know where to instill it, but my understanding, it was not what I thought. Rolex has always been the overlord in the field of watches, solid workmanship and materials, strong and tough style and at least 100,000 productions per year and can be very popular, perhaps only Rolex can have this status. Teacher Liu Xingli once commented on Rolex “If you are afraid of trouble or have difficulty choosing, then choose Rolex.” The world’s most understandable and least understandable person will choose Rolex. Although this is a joke, it also reflects the brand characteristics of Rolex’s elegance and common taste. Dog teeth ring, small blisters, classic skull strap, the most important is the brand spirit, brand value. Classic, durable, and synonymous with precision.

There is no need to say much about the quality of Rolex.

Looking through all the dictionaries, there is no single word that can define what we do: not “traditional”, although our craft is forever; “infinity” is too limited; “long-lasting” cannot describe lasting; “innovation” can only touch Fur, no word can define what we do, only the Rolex!

Finally, I  can go home and write the first homework, and read the picture~