Watch Performance And Buying Skills

Many people who want to buy a watch don’t understand the performance of the watch and blindly make decisions at their own judgment. Then let’s take a look at the performance and purchasing skills of the watch today.

Watch performance and buying skills

The best choice for the battery is the quartz watch. Because the battery can be used for a long time, it usually takes at least 2 years to change it. Unlike some watches, it is necessary to adjust the time every day.

At least 100 meters of water-resistant watches should be selected for waterproofing. Because of the 30-50 meters waterproof watch, it is normal to wash your hands and can’t enter the water, and the 100-meter waterproof watch is all good, and the waterproof function is better.

When choosing a watch, do not choose a belt watch as much as possible. Since the watch of the belt has to be changed once in about 2 months, it is not too dirty, or it is a condition such as simple cracking. The best straps are made of stainless steel.

It is best to choose a brand of goods when choosing a watch. Because of this, you can have a nationwide warranty, and the quality will be relatively good. The goods of the brand are not much guaranteed, and it is easy to buy parallel imports.

The selection of the watch should be stronger than the shock because you do not rule out that the watch will not fall off the ground and be broken, the stronger the shock resistance will be.

Of course, the above suggestions are for reference only. For example, if the belt watch is more comforteth to wear, then comfort is the main one, and the other is the same.

Watch use precautions

1, avoid the watch near the magnet buckle

No matter what type, or perhaps the value of the N factory watch is afraid of the magnetic field. Regarding mechanical watches, the movement is the simplest to be disturbed by the magnetic field. Although quartz watches do not have as many steel parts, they will not be affected. In response to this problem, especially boys should pay attention not to put the watch around the belt buckle, and girls should keep the watch away from the magnetic buckle on the bag.

2, wear a watch to take a bath or swim

Although some watches are now able to be worn while driving, they are a minority. A typical watch can be worn while you are washing but can’t afford long-term soaking. So please don’t wear a watch to swim or bathe, or even wear it to the sauna. Under the effect of high temperature, the watch will be oxidized.

3, never go to professional maintenance point maintenance

Watches are wear and tear. If you want to make the watch last longer, you must go to the after-sales service for professional maintenance. As for how long it takes to maintain it, it is necessary to consult the after-sales staff.

  1. When the watch is on hold, it does not insist on winding or removing the battery.

When you don’t want to wear it, remember to give it a footprint or remove the battery. As for the mechanical watch, it is necessary to clean and refuel the inside to avoid the internal oil drying up. Watches that are not worn for a long time are subject to the above-mentioned maintenance behavior every month to ensure that the watch can still function when worn.