Tag Heuer Watch Grade

Since I was a child, I like to buy watches, so I have a little research on the lenses of the watch. The sapphire lenses have anti-wear and anti-glare functions. Here, I have done a small experiment. The sapphire lenses can hang water drops, so I used the most simple and visible way to verify that our TAG Heuer’s synthetic sapphire lenses are sapphire. If you have a picture, professionally, please forgive me for being professional.

Anyone who likes to wear a watch should know that different brands and straps have her own unique characteristics. My previous ceramic watch is the bottom of the butterfly in the figure. In this way, the other side is buckled. Later, on the other side, I am the easiest to clip my wrist meat. I don’t know if it’s because of my wearing method, or because my meat is too soft, every time I have to be very careful to not suffer from meat. In the picture, the strap of the leather has a switch button, so it is convenient when taking the watch. When you wear it, you need to use very hard force to press the other side down. For the acute one, I don’t want to wear it every time. Our protagonist Tiger TAG Heuer’s clasp is folded and can be worn in one step, saving a lot of heart and like

The back of the watch is a solid case back, the material of the steel, wear-resistant, and wear-resistant, the bottom is clearly engraved with the relevant information of the watch, at a glance, friends at the tip of the eye can also find that the watch strap can be replaced, although the watch does not, In addition, the watch strap, but it is convenient for the watch to love, change the strap, and then look at the part of the strap with small dots on the side of the strap, which means that the strap can be arbitrarily removed, the picture is already After being removed from the strap, because the husband received the first time he was personally transformed, the heart is too urgent, no matter whether the hand is thick or thin, can satisfy the majority of users.

The strap of the previous men’s watch is also made of steel, but because the surface is shiny, it is not wearable. It will have very obvious scratches when worn a few times, which greatly reduces the grade of the watch and is worn for a long time. The gap between the watch looks dirty and inconvenient to care. In this respect, Tiger TAG Heuer has done meticulously, the details are winning, steel is more wear-resistant, and the second gap is easy to take care of, even if it is a strap. The same fineness can be achieved between the gaps, no dead angle steel wear-resistant, impeccable

The person with the sharp eye is not difficult to find, there are many special functions on the dial. The blue dial looks like the glasses are not easy to fatigue. There is a calendar at three o’clock, and special treatment is also done. The function of the magnifying glass is, most importantly, The bezel is watch in one direction, the bezel is also engraved with blue lacquer figures, and the 12 o’clock position also has a luminous dot. The crown is also used to compare with other brands, but no photo The spiral pattern of the crown is more obvious, the boost is better, and the time is better adjusted! The hour markers of the facets and the hour and minute hands are marked with green and blue fluorescent signs. At night, the time is very clear and the time is right. The second hand is very distinctive. It has a yellow tip and is fluorescent.

The waterproof performance is 300m, which is completely swatched for daily use. The diameter of the whole case is about 43mm, the width of the strap is about 21mm, and the length of the strap is about 200mm. Generally, when you take the strap, you can measure your wrist. The value is convenient for you to calculate your own need to remove a few buckles. For those who have no experience, it is recommended to go off the buckle in the operation of the professional. The removed buckle must be kept safely so that you can reset it when you need it. Experience

Only three straps have been removed from the picture. When the hand is facing down, because the watch is stuck at the lowest end of the wrist, it will feel a little beaten when driving, not used, mainly because the weight of the watch is very heavy. The reason, I immediately removed one after returning home.

Only three straps have been removed from the picture. When the hand is facing down, because the watch is stuck at the lowest end of the wrist, it will feel a little beaten when driving, not used, mainly because the weight of the watch is very heavy. The reason, I immediately removed one after returning home.

In the picture, it is the side effect of climbing a mountain watch yesterday. It can be seen, because two of the left and right sides have been removed, and in the case of four because the wrist is completely fitted, after the movement, it is obvious that the watch is too tight. So for the summer, people exercise and sweat, the meat is soft, there is no winter leather tightness, so it is recommended that you choose a little loose when you remove the buckle because love toss home and secretly put on it. A buckle, sometimes men’s things are more expensive than women’s things because men do not need to change things often, my watch will start to change styles almost a year, always like Personalized watch, I think this watch will definitely become the heart of the majority of male gods.

Purchase Rolex Watch Notes

The popularity of Rolex watches in China is quite high. When it comes to Rolex, it is reminiscent of local tyrants, diamond kings and so on. But this also can’t stop many fans from loving him, but there may be only one piece in a counter, even if it has been worn. What are the precautions for purchasing a Rolex watch?


Rolex is a favorite watch of many second-hand watches and pawnshops, with high visibility and good hands. The style is rich and the circulation is high, but you can only see the appearance when you buy it, you can’t see the movement, so you can’t confirm whether the movement is original. There are many movements that are often stolen into cheap ETA common movements. If you don’t open the bottom cover, you can’t know the true and false, so letting the seller open the cover or go to the Rolex Service Center to verify is basic protection.

Upper circle

The regular dog ring is not discussed for a while, most people know how to buy. For example, the sports bezel, the current ceramic bezel is also more, the surface lettering and embedded platinum coating, it is easy to distinguish whether there is wear and tear when looking at the old and new, and also check the inverted triangle on the bezel when purchasing, can you The inverted triangle at 12 o’clock on the quasi-dial can be a straight line.


Let’s talk about the calendar. Nowadays, Rolex is mostly an instant jump calendar, which means that when the game is about 12 o’clock in the evening, the action of changing the calendar is completed in an instant. Then we should try the instant jump function when buying. Look at what time point this movement process occurs. If the distance between 12 points is within 10 minutes, there is no big problem.


The dial hands sometimes find fine hair or dust at the factory. If you buy them, you can’t see them when you look at them. If you look at them, you can’t see them when you buy them. In the next maintenance, you will go to the Rolex Watch Service Center to clean them. It is. Also carefully observe whether the three needles are in a straight line at 3, 6, 9, and 12.

Case strap

The case strap is a very easy place to wear. Then, the Rolex watch that has just been manufactured must be perfect on the watch case. It is best to follow our habits when checking, where to check for scratches.