Rolex black and blue circle purchase experience

I like Rolex, it can be said that the benevolent see benevolence. Rolex black and blue circle 116710BLNR is my favorite one. Although there is a general price in mind, it has been inquiring in various channels. Also considered buying genuine, asked, and there is no satisfactory discount, the sales said to send me this to send me, began to seduce me, what shopping mall cash coupons, looking for the mall ox can also give me a cheaper point. All are routines, I don’t think too much. I will think about it later, even if I bought a genuine product, I will not always wear it.

I have been chatting with the customer for a long time, from astronomical geography to piano chess and calligraphy, from Casio to Romeo, from jade to Patek Philippe, from Saint Seiya to Rolex, from the turbo to the tourbillon, this customer service sincerity I see It’s not bad. The price is cute, the watch is high-end, very good! Not too much circle, I told the customer service that I saw the Rolex Rolex Greenwich II double time zone chronograph 116710BLNR, customer service, I immediately sent a lot of real shots, and real shot video, I saw more after watching Itchy in my heart.

I don’t have much to say about the delivery of the Shenma, and I tried the luminous effect first when I got the watch. Oh, it’s just! Like it! No loss is a Rolex re-enactment, this technology really does not say. However, the character of my three-minute heat is not expected to wear for a long time. This is the reason why I don’t want to buy genuine products. I spend so much money, buy a genuine one, I don’t like it in a few days, I don’t have a collection. Hobby!

Purchase Rolex Watch Notes

The popularity of Rolex watches in China is quite high. When it comes to Rolex, it is reminiscent of local tyrants, diamond kings and so on. But this also can’t stop many fans from loving him, but there may be only one piece in a counter, even if it has been worn. What are the precautions for purchasing a Rolex watch?


Rolex is a favorite watch of many second-hand watches and pawnshops, with high visibility and good hands. The style is rich and the circulation is high, but you can only see the appearance when you buy it, you can’t see the movement, so you can’t confirm whether the movement is original. There are many movements that are often stolen into cheap ETA common movements. If you don’t open the bottom cover, you can’t know the true and false, so letting the seller open the cover or go to the Rolex Service Center to verify is basic protection.

Upper circle

The regular dog ring is not discussed for a while, most people know how to buy. For example, the sports bezel, the current ceramic bezel is also more, the surface lettering and embedded platinum coating, it is easy to distinguish whether there is wear and tear when looking at the old and new, and also check the inverted triangle on the bezel when purchasing, can you The inverted triangle at 12 o’clock on the quasi-dial can be a straight line.


Let’s talk about the calendar. Nowadays, Rolex is mostly an instant jump calendar, which means that when the game is about 12 o’clock in the evening, the action of changing the calendar is completed in an instant. Then we should try the instant jump function when buying. Look at what time point this movement process occurs. If the distance between 12 points is within 10 minutes, there is no big problem.


The dial hands sometimes find fine hair or dust at the factory. If you buy them, you can’t see them when you look at them. If you look at them, you can’t see them when you buy them. In the next maintenance, you will go to the Rolex Watch Service Center to clean them. It is. Also carefully observe whether the three needles are in a straight line at 3, 6, 9, and 12.

Case strap

The case strap is a very easy place to wear. Then, the Rolex watch that has just been manufactured must be perfect on the watch case. It is best to follow our habits when checking, where to check for scratches.