Rolex watch is Inaccurate. What caused it?

Many Rolex wearers will encounter a problem, the watch will be fast and slow. Eventually caused the phenomenon of inaccurate time. Sometimes we are busy because of work, so we don’t have time to repair the shop. We can’t control it ourselves, but we still have a way to avoid it. Let it happen less. Let’s share the reason why the watch is not allowed to go. You can avoid it by paying attention.

Generally, watches are not allowed to go. This is the case with mechanical watches. The reason is that the travel time of mechanical watches is affected by many factors. If we do not have enough maintenance measures, it is easy to have abnormal walking conditions. Time is measured as a continuation of the exact same iterative process, and one compares time with a known periodic iterative process. The mechanical watch uses the mechanical oscillator composed of the balance spring as the time base. The accuracy of the mechanical watch will mainly depend on the stability of the balance period of the balance spring. However, the oscillating stability of the balance spring is affected by the positional change.

The main positional change is the change of the plane and the vertical plane. The plane has 2 facades and only 3 of them are: the crown is down, the crown is leftward, and the upper handle is up to the right. This counts a total of 5 positions. The change of position firstly causes the change of the friction surface of the balance shaft, the friction surface increases, and then the imbalance of the balance wheel is more obvious and prominent under the action of gravity, and additional torque acts on the swinging swing. On the wheel, as well as the gravity of the hairspring, the balance of the watch balance spring system is affected by the size of the oscillation cycle at each position.

In fact, there is another important cue point is that you must fill the clockwork as much as possible, which is very important for mechanical watches. If there is not enough exercise, what we directly affect is the degree of tightening of the mechanical clockwork. You must pay attention to this.