What Kind Of Enlightenment Can Lafayette Choose From?

Karl Lagerfeld moved to Chanel as the chief designer in the 1980s, reviving the original downhill brand, and once again created Chanel’s re-emergence, which has become a benchmark in the fashion industry. He died at the age of 85, and the fashion industry remembered him.

His attire and temperament are just like this nickname. He is very domineering and maverick: every time he appears, he has long hair, black sunglasses, shirt suit, faceless, unsmiling, or with his white cat. There are almost two shades of black and white on the whole body. In addition, the watch he wore also caught our attention. According to the photo data, the watches he wears include Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and even Apple SmartWatch. However, in my opinion, the two watches that best reflect his taste are not too much.

The first is Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak (Ref. 5402). This royal oak has two special features: First, it was the first A-Series product that was first produced in the 1970s when the Royal Oak was born, a proper ancestor version. Some people may think that Lafayette was originally a man of that era. What is unusual about wearing an old watch that was produced in that era? But if you look at the background of the birth of the Royal Oak, things are not that simple. You know, the meeting of the Royal Oak just came out, it was all cast aside by the watch circle. Everyone thinks that this watch is strange and big, ugly out of the sky, and as a steel watch, the price is actually more expensive than many gold watches, the brain I was kicked before I bought this stuff. The situation is similar to that of this year’s Geneva show Audemars Piguet launched a new series of code 11.59. At that time, Lafayette was completely opposite to everyone’s attitude. When no one wanted it, he decisively took this “strange watch” and frequently used it. This attitude of following the heart and never following the trend is very admirable. In the past few decades, the reversal of the attitude of the watch circle on the Royal Oak has proved the insight of the old Buddha.

The second special feature of this watch is that its case and strap are all-black PVD coated. As we all know, the Royal Oak has not produced such a version, so how Lafayette this watch came into a mystery. I checked the information and went to the secondary market to find out that there was almost no similar payment, so I can basically rule out the possibility of a special version of Audemars Piguet. Then, there is only one reason left: this is the modification of Lafayette himself. Maybe everyone is familiar with the modification watch now, but it was the 70s. Lafayette’s hand is really quite advanced and individual. And combined with his iconic attire (the whole body is only black and white), this all-black oak is really the best choice for matching effects.

The second watch that I think best reflects the taste may be a bit unexpected. It is neither a blue-blooded aristocratic Patek Philippe nor a classic Rolex, nor is it a big-banging Hublot blast, but an Apple smartwatch. Apple watches.

Lafayette wearing an apple watch

Don’t spray, listen to me. In recent years, Lafayette often wears an Apple watch. This apple watch is a special one. Its case and strap are made of 18K gold. It is significantly different from the traditional “electronics”, and it is more like a decorative luxury. It is reported that this is a customized version specially made by Apple for celebrities. Except for him, now only Beyonce has one on hand (no mistake).

What’s even more fun is that according to the photo, Lafayette doesn’t seem to have used this smartwatch. Even the boot is almost never turned on, and the watch screen is always dark. Therefore, there is a saying in the fashion circle: “Lafayette’s Apple Watch never charges, he wears just for decoration.” A technology media in the United States even created a new word “Lagerfelding” (Lafia’s English name verb form ), specifically used to describe those who do not charge the smart meter. This kind of gameplay by Lafayette is full of the style of an unusual person. If you wear it well, don’t say it first. At least you can see his strong taste of “not going out of the ordinary road”. This is the same as wearing black oak 45 years ago. It is the same.

Have read here, I believe that everyone can also see that the most different difference between the eyes of Galeries Lafayette and ordinary people lies in the words “do not follow the trend”. When everyone smashed the Royal Oak, he chose the Royal Oak against the trend; when the trend of the modified watch has not yet arisen, he played personal customization early; when everyone used the smartwatch as a miniature mobile phone, he Unusually used as jewelry to wear … basically, every time is against the trend. I have no intention of judging whether his taste is good or bad, but I think his attitude is worth learning. Is it good to be good in everyone’s eyes? The difference in the eyes of everyone must be bad? You should know that even professional watch media has a look at it, as long as it is swatch for you, really like it, even if it is a small brand that is not known, even if it is a new product that everyone feels bad, you can choose. Just follow your heart.

I think this may be the greatest inspiration that Lafayette brings to us!