Rolex Watch Head Icon And Meaning

As long as it is on the head of a brand-name watch, there must be an icon. This is the same as a car. The LOGO of the watch trademark must be placed in the eye of the bright face. The LOGO is generally a graphic, but also has English letters, such as a watch. Full name or abbreviation or prefix. The icon of the head can also be regarded as a beautiful “landscape” of the watch, which means that it is the original, finely crafted; counterfeit fake watches often do not do well in this nuance, fuzzy rough is a common problem.

The Rolex watch with the enamel case has excellent waterproof performance. This is also the structure of the watch’s watch handle. Because the watch’s crown is a moving part, it needs to be operated frequently, so the seal in this place is especially important. Rolex watches use a lock mechanism with a turnbuckle, the seal will be like a cork after tightening; and there are at least two waterproof seals here; like the Green Water Ghost (16610LV model) and the Daytona series of watches The waterproof sealing rubber ring is up to 3 heavy, and the added one is on the outside of the crown tube of the watch case, and the crown can be seen. On the head of the Rolex watch, there will be some logos. The logo is under the Rolex Crown GOLO. It is represented by dots or dashes. There are one, two, and three dots. These marks represent the material of the watch case also represents the structure of the watch case and the crown.

The specific meaning of the logo:

1. A representative watch of a dot is a PT950 platinum gold case. This precious metal has a large proportion, and the watch is pressed to compare the hand;

2, the two origins of the representative watch with 18K white gold or gold case;

3, three origins can also be understood as triple waterproof, with this type of watch, the outer side of the crown tube can be seen with a waterproof sealing rubber ring. On the basis of triple waterproofing, if the watch case material uses platinum, then which of the three origins will be smaller; if the watch case material uses 18K white gold, then the three origins will be smaller on both sides. When the three origins are generally large, the situation is equivalent to the use of short horizontal lines, usually, the case material is 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel or pure stainless steel.

4, there are most cases of short horizontal lines, the short horizontal line seems to be a “wildcard”, the watch is a case is double waterproof, the watch material is 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel, or pure stainless steel, in the Rolex watch This configuration is the most common.