How about Casio G-shock?

Many people’s understanding of Casio is first of all endurance, and there are many functions because their first watch is Casio or g-shock series. When it comes to Casio, the most impressive thing for everyone is its GPS+ global 6-wave reception, solar-powered. So, let me introduce the Casio G-shock series watch~

  1. How about Casio G-shock?

The price of the Casio G-shock series is already very cheap. The price of the watching network is generally between 500 and 2,000 yuan. The positioning is for young people who like sports. The income of this group is relatively low, so this series of watches has become one of their choices.

In this series, of course, there are over 10,000 MRGs, but few people buy this. Because of such high prices, there are many choices. Why not choose other better brands?

Therefore, in general, over 10,000 watches, many people are unwilling to buy this brand, to an Omega, Tissot can display their status. Let’s just say that this brand has been labeled as a cheap and easy to use the label.

The favorite brand of college students is Casio, mainly because it is really practical. The synonym of the Casio G-shock series is the trend and vitality. It is very popular among young people

  1. What grade does Casio belong to?

Love watchers know that Casio is a Japanese brand. Like Seiko, Dongfang and Citizen brands, it is one of the top four watch brands in Japan. Most of Casio’s watches are electronic watches, and the quality is a little better than the famous electronic watches in China. The sporty, young, stylish and multi-functional image of Casio watches is already deeply rooted.

In my opinion, Casio watches are of medium grade and belong to the young street fashion. Casio also has six series of watches, including G-SHOCK, BABY-G, PROTREK, EDIFICE, SHEEN, OCEANUS.