Watch Performance And Buying Skills

Many people who want to buy a watch don’t understand the performance of the watch and blindly make decisions at their own judgment. Then let’s take a look at the performance and purchasing skills of the watch today.

Watch performance and buying skills

The best choice for the battery is the quartz watch. Because the battery can be used for a long time, it usually takes at least 2 years to change it. Unlike some watches, it is necessary to adjust the time every day.

At least 100 meters of water-resistant watches should be selected for waterproofing. Because of the 30-50 meters waterproof watch, it is normal to wash your hands and can’t enter the water, and the 100-meter waterproof watch is all good, and the waterproof function is better.

When choosing a watch, do not choose a belt watch as much as possible. Since the watch of the belt has to be changed once in about 2 months, it is not too dirty, or it is a condition such as simple cracking. The best straps are made of stainless steel.

It is best to choose a brand of goods when choosing a watch. Because of this, you can have a nationwide warranty, and the quality will be relatively good. The goods of the brand are not much guaranteed, and it is easy to buy parallel imports.

The selection of the watch should be stronger than the shock because you do not rule out that the watch will not fall off the ground and be broken, the stronger the shock resistance will be.

Of course, the above suggestions are for reference only. For example, if the belt watch is more comforteth to wear, then comfort is the main one, and the other is the same.

Watch use precautions

1, avoid the watch near the magnet buckle

No matter what type, or perhaps the value of the N factory watch is afraid of the magnetic field. Regarding mechanical watches, the movement is the simplest to be disturbed by the magnetic field. Although quartz watches do not have as many steel parts, they will not be affected. In response to this problem, especially boys should pay attention not to put the watch around the belt buckle, and girls should keep the watch away from the magnetic buckle on the bag.

2, wear a watch to take a bath or swim

Although some watches are now able to be worn while driving, they are a minority. A typical watch can be worn while you are washing but can’t afford long-term soaking. So please don’t wear a watch to swim or bathe, or even wear it to the sauna. Under the effect of high temperature, the watch will be oxidized.

3, never go to professional maintenance point maintenance

Watches are wear and tear. If you want to make the watch last longer, you must go to the after-sales service for professional maintenance. As for how long it takes to maintain it, it is necessary to consult the after-sales staff.

  1. When the watch is on hold, it does not insist on winding or removing the battery.

When you don’t want to wear it, remember to give it a footprint or remove the battery. As for the mechanical watch, it is necessary to clean and refuel the inside to avoid the internal oil drying up. Watches that are not worn for a long time are subject to the above-mentioned maintenance behavior every month to ensure that the watch can still function when worn.

What Kind Of Watch Is Wristwatch For White-collar Women?

In the workplace women’s watches, in addition to expressing their own fashion attitude, it is best to let the other party feel happy, so what kind of watch are white-collar women wristwatch for?

Today’s women are more and more open and more independent, and the pursuit of individuality and appearance of fashion has become a trend. And there are many watches, which is also one of the favorite collections of fashionable women.


Although Longines is a watch brand with a wide range of products, it must be said that the price and quantity of some of the entry-level women’s watches are wristwatches for introduction here, whether it is the name of Longines or Longines. The Longines, which is marked by the flying wing hourglass, also introduces itself as “elegance. It is the basic values ​​of Longines. The brand is based on the long-standing tradition of innovation and innovation. The perfect balance between exquisite and classic design is reflected in each. On top of the pieces, creating an eternal elegance.”

Maurice Lacroix

Amy is still a Swiss independent watchmaking brand, but it was not established for a long time. It only officially entered the Chinese market in 1998. As a brand with many male watches, Chinese translation sounds like a female watch. There was once a goddess friend who also communicated to me the brand she wore. Because she was not familiar with the brand at the time, Amy was still a relatively young watchmaker who entered the Chinese market and was late.


Mido’s brand spirit is the so-called “inspiration to prove eternal”, so that the fleeting inspiration brings eternal touch, so some products of the United States add exotic cultural elements. At the same time, Meitu claims to adhere to the four strategies in its development process: 1, distinctive style; 2, precise mechanical travel time; 3, unique Aquadura sealed crown system; 4, 100% Swiss manufacturing.


Tissot’s products are common in various T-series. Although Tissot has a long history, Switzerland, which was founded in 1853, was once one of the upper-class choices. However, after several changes, especially after entering the Swiss watch group, it was completely positioned. In the family watch, it has become a domestic first-time job or a favor for Swiss brands, but it is not a choice of friends who want to spend too much money to buy a watch, of course, including many female friends.

How about Casio G-shock?

Many people’s understanding of Casio is first of all endurance, and there are many functions because their first watch is Casio or g-shock series. When it comes to Casio, the most impressive thing for everyone is its GPS+ global 6-wave reception, solar-powered. So, let me introduce the Casio G-shock series watch~

  1. How about Casio G-shock?

The price of the Casio G-shock series is already very cheap. The price of the watching network is generally between 500 and 2,000 yuan. The positioning is for young people who like sports. The income of this group is relatively low, so this series of watches has become one of their choices.

In this series, of course, there are over 10,000 MRGs, but few people buy this. Because of such high prices, there are many choices. Why not choose other better brands?

Therefore, in general, over 10,000 watches, many people are unwilling to buy this brand, to an Omega, Tissot can display their status. Let’s just say that this brand has been labeled as a cheap and easy to use the label.

The favorite brand of college students is Casio, mainly because it is really practical. The synonym of the Casio G-shock series is the trend and vitality. It is very popular among young people

  1. What grade does Casio belong to?

Love watchers know that Casio is a Japanese brand. Like Seiko, Dongfang and Citizen brands, it is one of the top four watch brands in Japan. Most of Casio’s watches are electronic watches, and the quality is a little better than the famous electronic watches in China. The sporty, young, stylish and multi-functional image of Casio watches is already deeply rooted.

In my opinion, Casio watches are of medium grade and belong to the young street fashion. Casio also has six series of watches, including G-SHOCK, BABY-G, PROTREK, EDIFICE, SHEEN, OCEANUS.

Where are the watch maintenance, tell you 10 steps !

We all know that inside the watch maintenance, the most important thing is the movement maintenance.

With the improvement of everyone’s aesthetic taste and the improvement of economic strength, many friends chose to start from the 2892 movement when choosing the first watch. But after the repair and maintenance, it is not easy. After your love watch is sent to the repair center, the correct treatment method, and ultimately these 10 steps, you may wish to serve as a reference for future maintenance.


The cleaning of the outer casing is usually carried out by ultrasonic cleaning to remove residual stains that are invisible to the naked eye; in addition, the flexibility of the movable outer ring is ensured. For the silicone grease consumed by the snap, the head, and the bottom cover, add an appropriate amount and replace the aging waterproof rubber ring to ensure the waterproof effect.

Movement removal and assembly

The handling of the movement is the top priority in maintenance and can be divided into three modules: disassembly, washing, and loading. “Removing” means checking the parts in question, replacing worn parts and screws with residual deformation. When “washing”, you need to use 120# solvent gasoline, after two washing and bleaching steps, and then carefully check the residual stain with 10 times the lens, check whether the gemstone eye is bright, whether the shaft is bright or not, and finally put it. When the oven is dried at 50 degrees, the movement will become as clean as new.

“Loading” is the assembly. During the assembly process, the watchmaker needs to ensure that the movement 6 large wheel train runs smoothly and smoothly. It is required that the drive train wheel is flat, the transmission is smooth, and there is a gap in the axial direction to ensure that the idling has a swirl; the original motion system can completely release the spring power, and does not slip when the spring is tightened; and the core component of the movement is delayed. It is necessary to ensure that the bouncer’s bounce is powerful, the balance wheel is flexible, the balance spring is flat and the frame is fine, and the fine adjustment screw is in the middle effective section; the clockwork pin is tied to the upper and the needle when the needle is tight, the gear position is obvious, and the rest is accurate. The automatic winding system, you need to ensure that the automatic tow can be freely loaded after the full line, there will be no teeth and flywheel phenomenon when manually winding; the last calendar is to check the confirmation date is powerful and accurate, not allowed to jump half or A slow-jumping calendar appears.

Come on

Refueling is not a washing oil, nor is it just adding a single oil. There is a strict regulation on the amount of oil and what part of the oil is added. The added “oil” is generally the following four types: ointment, heavy oil, thin oil, horse fork oil. The amount of oil should not be higher than 1/2 of the stone bowl. The shaft of the bowl does not hang oil, and the parts must not have oil except the contact surface, so as to ensure the lubrication and beauty of the parts. For special brand requirements, you have to follow the brand requirements.


For maintenance, the adjustment of the four orientations has ensured the accuracy of the travel time. The requirement is that the face and face hem of the watch should reach 280 or more. When the 3, 6, and 12 words are downward, the swing should be above 260. Within 10 seconds, within 0.2 polarization, the lines are compact and clear.

Literal, needle

The literal surface cannot be offset, the three stitches are equal to the parallel spacing of the words, and the difference between the time and the minute is not more than 3 points, and the change is completed by 45 minutes to 0 points. The entire literal processing is done: the needle is dust-free, no new scratches or fingerprints. The new watch should be free to disassemble. These seemingly trivial things, but all require the watchmaker to have a high degree of professionalism and patience.

Movement assembly inspection

When tightening the screws, it is necessary to strictly follow the size of the screwdriver and the screw to ensure that the screw holes cannot be scratched, the screw head cannot be scratched, and the splint is clean and dust-free.


Coming to the husking step means that the assembly on the hardware is about to be completed. When installing the shell, ensure that the device for fixing the casing is stable and effective. Align the core with the tube, and the offset should not occur. The second hand should have a safe distance from the cover. The automatic turret does not scratch the case back cover, and the bottom cover screw has no stains. Screw in smooth and seamless.


For waterproof ones, watchmakers with professionalism and responsibility during maintenance often leave room for the waterproof ability of the watch. As much as possible to ensure that the watch can have, even slightly improve the waterproof ability.


Finally, the watch is placed on the autobiography to check whether the watch can guarantee perfect operation for more than 36 hours under the condition of rotation.

Whole shell inspection

The inspection of the whole shell is the last step in the return of the watch to the customer. Although it is almost finished, it must be confirmed that the watch case and the strap are clean. Check again whether the bottom cover is tight and seamless, and whether the ear cover is tight. Sticking head, whether the snap switch is safe and easy to operate, the needle on the head is moderately strong, and there is no deformed ear.