5000 or so men’s watches _5 thousand (K) watches which cost-effective

Today, let’s take a look at a few models of 5k, which are low in cost and high in value!


Tissot TISSOT series T006.407.36.053.00 mechanical men’s watch


Tissot’s dial is 39.3mm, which is definitely not a universal model. The black dial with Roman numerals and classic big three needles, especially in the rose gold bezel and leather strap, the gold highlights the mature and steady The temperament, chic bottom design, Tissot 1853 words across the bottom of the watch.


Modern youth has an inexplicable love for Tissot. If there is only a budget of more than 3,000 to buy a watch, at least 5 of the 10 will choose Tissot Leroy. Indeed, it is not easy to buy an imported ETA mechanical movement at this price point. The original T41 ETA2824 movement was upgraded to POWERMATIC 80.811, and it has an 80-hour moving reserve without changing the dial size and thickness. The application of the hairspring also makes the watch more precise.


Herbert MichelHerbelinAmbassade French Ambassador Series 1650/12MA mechanical men’s watch


Herbert’s watches always have some French elegance, and the exquisite and delicate matte dial carries a three-dimensional scale, with three needles at the atmosphere, stylish and elegant. There are quite a few designs on the dial. The first is the irregular cross in the center of the dial. It points to 3, 9, 12 and 6 points. It adds an elegant temperament. The small square at the top of the time scale is also chic.


What is more worth mentioning is the black and white gradient effect of the time scale. You can observe it yourself, so I won’t go into details here. The silver-white dial is paired with a brown leather strap, which is more textured when worn and is suiwatch for coats and gloves in the winter.


Mido helmsman series M005.430.11.061.80 mechanical men’s watch


This beautiful one is a relatively large round dial with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 10.95 mm. It is made of stainless steel. The color of the dial is dark gray, giving a very strong texture, highlighting the masculinity of men; and the decoration of the strips makes the watch look very dynamic, like a breezy water surface.

The watch is mainly sporty, so there is not much function matching, and the classic big three-shot time display is enough. The white English week display on the gray-black dial and the date display of Arabic numerals are extremely readable. In terms of power, the caliber carried by the watch is the ETA2836-2 caliber with a 40-hour power reserve. The price of this watch is also 100 meters waterproof.


Yonger&BressonBeaumesnilXTremR series YBH8351-13 mechanical men’s watch


Yonger&Bressonis a French retro fashion brand, inheriting the 250 years of the exquisite craftsmanship of the French watchmaking base Morto, has its own independent research and development of MPB movement, punctual and reliable, durable. Of course, the reason for recommending this is simple, cool black, matte black dial with strips of luminous scale, stylish and generous, 3 o’clock position is the calendar display window, the watch function is simple and practical.

Moreover, the watch has a back-transparent design. Through the bottom of the watch, you can see the carefully polished watch movement. There is also a brand logo on the oscillating weight. The outer ring of the watch also has the wave pattern of the brand logo. The clockwork fish personally feels that this watch has a personality, and the 3000-piece selection will have a high value!


Eboest ErrelBorel rhyme series GBR608-8599 quartz men’s watch


The watch of the Ebola rhyme series is inspired by the western classical instrument harp. The exquisite and beautiful harp shape is very artistic, the simple hour and minute hands move, and there are 8 rhinestones on the dial, which are more beautiful and shining. Hong Kong’s famous movie star Lin Feng endorsement models, elegant and extravagant.


The brown harp ripple is complemented by case stainless steel and PVD gold-plated material, which gives the watch a noble and fashionable style. This watch uses a quartz movement, which is more convenient and precise and is suiwatch for people who are too lazy to maintain their watches.


Divos DAVOSAGentleman gentleman series 16145632 mechanical men’s watch


Divos’ 40mm face watch, at first glance, can be found in a lot of surprises. Firstly, the center of the ivory dial and the outer ring are striped. The scale circle is designed with concentric water ripples. It is matched with 18k rose gold and three needles. The scale is also 18k rose gold. The whole dial is harmonious. Simple and generous design is definitely a good choice for business occasions.

The strap is a double-knit calfskin strap that is soft, durable and comforwatch to wear. The watch is equipped with the SW200 movement. What is rare is that at this entry-level price, Divos is still very good at polishing the appearance of the movement, like the Geneva pattern of the oscillating weight, the fish scales of the splint, and Blue steel screw fixing machine, etc., very beautiful and cost-effective.


Maserati MaseratiPotenza Series R8821108002 Mechanical Men’s Watch


Look! You can also afford Maserati, yes, Maserati has a watch. You can’t afford a Maserati sports car for a while, but you can definitely start with this Maserati watch. Maserati’s watch is designed to take full advantage of the exterior design of the sports car, combining urban business and sportiness.

The PVD rose gold case is complemented by a gold openwork panel with a three-pronged Maserati LOGO engraved on the dial. There is also the Maserati lettering outside the bezel, which is stylish. The watch is equipped with a mechanical movement inside, and the time is accurate. The Tuhao Gold watch is paired with a high-quality black belt, which seems to be quite powerful. Wearing it can attract a lot of attention.


Seiko SEIKOPresage cocktail series ManhattanSRPB46J1 mechanical men’s watch

Unlike the beauty of the spring, the richness of the summer and the splendor of the autumn, the snowy winter is always monotonous in color, which is a bit less. In this bleak and cold season, paired with a warm-colored watch as a self-modification, not only can increase the visual warmth, but also enhance the dynamic and vitality, so that your wintertime is full of fashion!


Therefore, for the boys, a Presage series mechanical watch is undoubtedly a great choice! Inspired by the fascinating MANHATTAN cocktails, this watch combines intense and direct rose gold with brown to create a layered, metallic feel. The high-quality 4R35 caliber presents a simple, slim three-pin design, while the 4R57 caliber is equipped with a central power reserve display that lasts approximately 41 hours in full chain.

What are the benefits of a man wearing a watch?

Some people wear watches for decoration, others use them to watch time. Next, I will introduce to you the benefits of men wearing watches. Interested friends come to see it~


  1. Reflecting the attitude of life

The man who wears the watch is the most men in the workplace, and wearing a watch is also a life attitude. If you think you need a watch, chances are you are a person who values ​​life and has a lot of time. There used to be a joke that if a Hong Kong person does not wear a watch when he goes to work, you will not find a job, because, in the eyes of the leader, you are a person who has no time concept and therefore does not do well. Therefore, Hong Kong people can wear a suit when they are looking for a job, but watches must be worn.


Many books also show that people who like to wear watches are generally rich, because the rich are very short of time, and their time is not enough to use the watch to watch the event and arrange the work. The poor are more time, and when they are young, they can easily waste time and naturally do not need a watch. But these are just the books, and wearing watches is also to look at everyone’s needs and preferences. However, it is obvious that a man wearing a watch can make a woman feel that you are a very life-oriented person. This is the advantage of a man wearing a watch.


  1. Reflecting taste

At the same time, the benefits of men wearing watches are still a symbol of taste. Perhaps many people will say that mobile phones can watch time and what the watch needs to do. The first thing we need to know is that not only does the watch have a gorgeous decoration, it can bring out the charm of a man and it also makes people feel that the man is very tasteful. Imagine if you are a working man, you want to see the time to arrange your own affairs when you lead a meeting. You take out your mobile phone and watch the time. I believe this will make others feel bad about you. In addition, the difference between men’s use of watches and the use of mobile phones is not too big, and many occasions are not suiwatch for watching mobile phones.


  1. Enhance the charm

Men who like to wear watches believe that it is easy to attract the attention of women. Men wearing watches can add a touch of highlights to themselves. But wearing different styles of watches and clothing combinations also have different styles, just like the rich people in the garage must have a sports car. However, some of the more expensive men’s watches can be worn with any style of clothing. If it is a more common personality watch, it is not suiwatch for some more formal clothing.

Suiwatch for watch models worn by 30-year-old men

At the age of 30, almost all mature men who have entered the workplace for a few years should take off their naive face and put on a steady force. Many of them will wear a watch for mature and swatch men. Mature and swatch, today we will introduce some models suiwatch for 30-year-old men to give you a reference.


Suiwatch for watch models worn by 30-year-old men


Style one

The most popular thing about this watch is this color. The silver is gold, not only fashionable but also has a lot of taste. It shows the ambition and courage of a 30-year-old man, a mature and aristocratic atmosphere. In general, this style can be seen at the beginning of the 30-year-old you have been at the beginning of the career, very good.


Style two

The dark gray metal bracelet, paired with the blue watch, shows a man who is as young as blue in the wild age. Such a watch 30-year-old men’s wear is the most suiwatch, atmospheric, stylish and high-end temperament, if you are a businessman, then this style is very suiwatch.


Style three

For a 30-year-old man, your life is completely stylish and you can rely on a stylish watch. The simple strip surface is matched with three-dimensional fine pointers. The grade is extraordinary, brown skin, rose gold blue surface. It is very suiwatch for men who wear Sven. It is a 30-year-old man who has lost his naive hip-hop mentality and has a steady connotation.


Style four

Whether it is the mirror or the strap is quite thin, but without losing a little bit of grade, the 30-year-old man whose career is at its peak is equipped with such a watch, it will feel very elegant gentlemanly manner, if still A single male, with this watch will certainly be more handsome, a little bit of age, but without losing the mature atmosphere.


Style five

If you are an artist, a writer, a literary artist or a teacher, this style is very suiwatch. The square frame is generally more literary. At first glance, it is the talented man in Sven, the gentleness of the style. You can change the same when you are 30 years old.


Ok, today’s introduction of the watch is here, thank you for reading!

Staying in the same time, staying in love – carl-f-bucherer with the Plavi Dive series watch

“Golden style jade dew meets, but it wins but there are countless people.” In order to praise the legend of the cowherd and weaver girl’s loyal love, the Chinese traditional festival of Tanabata has been passed down for thousands of years. Compared with the enthusiasm of the West Valentine’s Day, Tanabata is restrained and implicit. In ancient times, couples will send each other’s personal belongings such as sachets and hairpins on this day as a token to express their love for lovers and let them stay together. In modern times, watches are a good companion for recording time, and a testimony of the time spent together. At the Tanabata Festival, carl-f-bucherer presents the Patravi ScubaTec to a loving couple, cherishing the beautiful moments of love and love.


Patravi ScubaTec Manta Trust Limited Edition, his best Chinese Valentine’s Day gift

The Patravi ScubaTec is the perfect continuation of the professional watchmaking process of the Carl-f-bucherer. Devilfish Foundation limited edition 44.6 mm steel case: built-in COSC Swiss official observatory certified CFB 1950.1 self-winding movement, accurate performance is unquestionable; bezel can only rotate counterclockwise to avoid accidental or wrong operation . The dial has a three-pin layout for easy reading. The Plavi Deep Dive Women’s Watch is also an extraordinary 36.5 mm stainless steel case with a screw-in crown that resists 200 m water pressure; a one-way rotating bezel, Super-LumiNova luminous coating, wrist watch assembly CFB 1950 self-winding movement, power reserve for 38 hours, drive hour, minute and second hand and 3 o’clock position date display smooth operation. The two watches are perfectly synchronized in terms of design and functionality, and are the best gifts for couples on the Qixi Festival.


Patravi ScubaTec Lady Her best Chinese Valentine’s Day gift

Plavis Deep Dive Watch Devil Fish Foundation Limited Edition Technical Specifications

Model: 00.10632.23.33.98

Movement: CFB 1950.1 self-winding movement, COSC Swiss official observatory certification

Diameter 26.2 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 26 stones, power reserve 38 hours

Function: date, hour, minute, second

Case: Stainless steel case, stainless steel with ceramic bezel, automatic drain valve, screw-in crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 500 m (50 atm), diameter 44.6 mm, thickness 13.45 mm The back of the watch is decorated with a unique devil fish carving pattern.

Dial: black dial with 2 devil fish

Strap: rubber strap, adjuswatch steel folding clasp

Limited edition: 188 pieces


Plavi Deep Dive Women’s Watch Technical Specifications


Model: 00.10634.23.23.01


Movement: CFB 1950 self-winding movement, diameter 26.2 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 26 stones, power reserve 38 hours


Function: date, hour, minute, second


Case: Stainless steel case, steel/ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-in crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, water-resistant to 200 m (20 atm), diameter 36.5 mm, thickness 11.37 mm


Dial: white corrugated dial


Strap: rubber strap, adjuswatch steel folding clasp

Exquisite Wear For Modern Men.

As a fashion, watches are not only a tool for watching time but also a finishing touch on wearing. A daily watch can not only match the formal wear but also can be used with everyday casual wear to highlight the unique charm of modern urban men. Today, the watch family recommends three daily versatile watches, which are priced at around 20,000, swatch for different occasions.

Baume & Mercier Critton Series M0A10503

Baume & Mercier watches this year’s Clayton Club bronze watch is quite interesting after all, bronze watches are very popular with watch friends. The highlight of Baume & Mercier’s bronze watch is that the color matching of bronze and dial color, whether it is bronze with green, blue, brown or black, has its own style. Bronze with a green dial and a brown scrub calfskin strap, the style is biased towards the retro gentleman’s sense. The self-winding movement provides 42 hours of power reserve for the watch and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Montblanc 1858 Series U0118222

Watch Comments: Montblanc 1858 series also released a new watch this year, two big three-needle models, an automatic chronograph and a Geosphere world time watch. One of the two big three-needle models uses a bronze case with a green dial and a khaki green “NATO” woven strap that fits well with the mountain adventures that Montblanc has always advocated. The dial design continues the classic elements of the brand, such as the “City of the Blue” cathedral-style pointer, the classic rail-style minute scale circle. The movement is equipped with an MB 24.15 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 38 hours. This watch is limited to 1858 pieces.

TAG Heuer AUTAVIA Series WBE5110.EB0173

Watch Comments: This year, TAG Heuer launched Autavia as an independent product line, drawing inspiration from the cockpit and presenting unique elements in the new watch. This watch combines the first generation of Autavia’s round case with the beveled ear of the 1960s. The black smoked dial is based on the original and creates its own style. The powered Calibre 5 caliber is certified by the Observatory and features a high-end carbon composite spring, which is lightweight, low-density and magnetically resistant, adding a touch of light to the watch.

Two Pieces Of Watch News

#1    200-year-old strap

A few days ago, the famous foreign watch media Revolution cooperated with IWC to create a pilot 36mm special edition watch based on Mark 11.

The size of this watch is 36mm * 10.4mm, with a matte bronze case, titanium alloy cover, sapphire crystal, and some pointers are covered with SuperLuminova luminous materials.

Its strap is also very special, made by British shoemaker George Cleverley with 200 years of Russian reindeer skin. The reindeer skin was made in Russia in 1785, but it was stormed in the sea and sank into the sea and has been buried for more than 200 years. It has been excavated and made into these straps, which is of historical value.

The watch uses the 35111 calibers of the IWC, with 25 jewels, a vibration frequency of 28,800 mph, and a 42-hour moving reserve. It is limited to 150 pieces and sells for about 30,000 yuan.

#2 What is the value of Hermes?

In order to warm up the Geneva show in 2019, Hermès launched the new Arceau 78. “78” stands for the birth year of the Arceau series in 1978, when Henry de Origny, the artistic director of Hermès, inspired the horse to design an asymmetrical ear with italic Arabic numerals that symbolize the horse’s brisk pace. Create the famous Arceau collection from Hermès. This is also the most recognizable Hermès watch in addition to the “H” series.

The Arceau 78 also retains the signature asymmetric lugs and italic Arabic numerals, 40mm in size, with matte-finished stainless steel blasted bezel, a grained grey dial and a creamy hour markers. And the willow pointer, the texture is very delicate.

The fly in the ointment is that the quartz movement is used internally and the price is about 20,000 yuan.

Why Does The Watch Slow Down When Used For A Long Time?

In addition to the fact that mechanical watches are subject to severe magnetic stress, most of the long-term use will slow down. The reason for the slowdown is that the movement lubricant becomes more and more viscous over time, and the dust inside the movement mixes with the lubricating oil to form a so-called “sludge”. Because the effect of lubrication is reduced, the watch naturally becomes slower. The solution is to wash the oil at a professional maintenance facility or a qualified service technician. Washing oil, the general watch consumers themselves can not do.

The movement of the movement is a cumbersome task. Simply put, the parts of the movement are completely disassembled, the sludge is washed off and the new oil is applied. The disassemble does not cause any scratches on the movement parts, the movement function and Accuracy cannot be affected at all.

Every four to five years, the watch movement should be cleaned and maintained, which is the key to ensuring that the watch can be used for a long time. The cost of maintaining the watch should be taken into consideration when purchasing the watch. In general, the more expensive the watch, the more expensive it is to maintain. Rolex maintenance once about 3000-5000 yuan, the maintenance costs of the Patek Philippe basic models are generally close to 10,000 yuan.

Is It Not Good?

In the watch market, in addition to the popular brands of watch sellers, there are actually some brands. They have superb watchmaking technology and high-grade watchmaking positioning, but because of marketing and other issues, there is a situation of “satisfaction”. Since they are all “satisfied”, then it is only a matter of time before the “calling”. Some forward-thinking high-end players have already started, and today we will take a look at the choices of high-end players.

Athens watch whimsy series 2303-270/CARB watch

Recommended reason: The Athens watch began to exert its strength this year, not only at the Geneva exhibition but also released a new watch shocking watch. Not long ago, the first franchise boutique of Athens Watch in China was also grandly opened in Shanghai. The Athens watch Freak X series is a series that can be said to be a benchmark in Athens this year. The F-Imaginary series breaks the traditional watchmaking style and puts the balance wheel and the wheel train on the dial. It replaces the traditional pointer with a mechanical structure. Breaking through the past design style of Athens. This whimsical series is priced at around RMB 190,000 and is made of carbon-positive (Carbonium ® ) matte finish. This is a high-end, high-end watch brand with high-tech materials. New choice.

Parmigiani TONIC series PFC423-1600201-HA1241 watch

Recommended reason: When it comes to Parmigiani, many people think of him as “a distant god”, thinking that it is still too far away from us, but it is not. This year, the Parmigiani Toric series launched three new watches that have been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory. You should know that the first watch launched by Parma Strong in 1997 is the Toric series. The hand-knurled pattern is both retro and introverted with low-key aesthetics and visual impact. The breakthrough in craftsmanship and aesthetics is evident. The price of this brand new Toric watch is about 180,000 yuan in China. 180,000 can buy a red gold material, a watch with a super high watchmaking brand, value!

Jacques de Los Grand Seconds Series J007830241

Recommended reason: Jacques de Roy, who launched the Basel exhibition, put more energy on the watch itself this year, not only launched the highly ornamental koi magic lotus automatic doll watch but also launched three characters. Large seconds hand watch. This blue disc is very attractive to me. First, the brand moved the position of the crown to 4 to 5 o’clock. For the first time, the timing function was added to this series. Many people have to ask: Where is the timing button? The brand uses a one-button design, which makes it simpler and more creative in design. This brand new watch is priced at around RMB 160,000.

Summary: Many times playing a watch is not a matter of “cost-effective”. Playing a watch is an interest and hobby of our watch lovers. If you must pursue a passionate watch, you must not always be a Method. The most important initial point of playing a watch is to make yourself happy. I hope that everyone can find their true love on the way to play the watch, but don’t be influenced by others.

What Kind Of Enlightenment Can Lafayette Choose From?

Karl Lagerfeld moved to Chanel as the chief designer in the 1980s, reviving the original downhill brand, and once again created Chanel’s re-emergence, which has become a benchmark in the fashion industry. He died at the age of 85, and the fashion industry remembered him.

His attire and temperament are just like this nickname. He is very domineering and maverick: every time he appears, he has long hair, black sunglasses, shirt suit, faceless, unsmiling, or with his white cat. There are almost two shades of black and white on the whole body. In addition, the watch he wore also caught our attention. According to the photo data, the watches he wears include Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and even Apple SmartWatch. However, in my opinion, the two watches that best reflect his taste are not too much.

The first is Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak (Ref. 5402). This royal oak has two special features: First, it was the first A-Series product that was first produced in the 1970s when the Royal Oak was born, a proper ancestor version. Some people may think that Lafayette was originally a man of that era. What is unusual about wearing an old watch that was produced in that era? But if you look at the background of the birth of the Royal Oak, things are not that simple. You know, the meeting of the Royal Oak just came out, it was all cast aside by the watch circle. Everyone thinks that this watch is strange and big, ugly out of the sky, and as a steel watch, the price is actually more expensive than many gold watches, the brain I was kicked before I bought this stuff. The situation is similar to that of this year’s Geneva show Audemars Piguet launched a new series of code 11.59. At that time, Lafayette was completely opposite to everyone’s attitude. When no one wanted it, he decisively took this “strange watch” and frequently used it. This attitude of following the heart and never following the trend is very admirable. In the past few decades, the reversal of the attitude of the watch circle on the Royal Oak has proved the insight of the old Buddha.

The second special feature of this watch is that its case and strap are all-black PVD coated. As we all know, the Royal Oak has not produced such a version, so how Lafayette this watch came into a mystery. I checked the information and went to the secondary market to find out that there was almost no similar payment, so I can basically rule out the possibility of a special version of Audemars Piguet. Then, there is only one reason left: this is the modification of Lafayette himself. Maybe everyone is familiar with the modification watch now, but it was the 70s. Lafayette’s hand is really quite advanced and individual. And combined with his iconic attire (the whole body is only black and white), this all-black oak is really the best choice for matching effects.

The second watch that I think best reflects the taste may be a bit unexpected. It is neither a blue-blooded aristocratic Patek Philippe nor a classic Rolex, nor is it a big-banging Hublot blast, but an Apple smartwatch. Apple watches.

Lafayette wearing an apple watch

Don’t spray, listen to me. In recent years, Lafayette often wears an Apple watch. This apple watch is a special one. Its case and strap are made of 18K gold. It is significantly different from the traditional “electronics”, and it is more like a decorative luxury. It is reported that this is a customized version specially made by Apple for celebrities. Except for him, now only Beyonce has one on hand (no mistake).

What’s even more fun is that according to the photo, Lafayette doesn’t seem to have used this smartwatch. Even the boot is almost never turned on, and the watch screen is always dark. Therefore, there is a saying in the fashion circle: “Lafayette’s Apple Watch never charges, he wears just for decoration.” A technology media in the United States even created a new word “Lagerfelding” (Lafia’s English name verb form ), specifically used to describe those who do not charge the smart meter. This kind of gameplay by Lafayette is full of the style of an unusual person. If you wear it well, don’t say it first. At least you can see his strong taste of “not going out of the ordinary road”. This is the same as wearing black oak 45 years ago. It is the same.

Have read here, I believe that everyone can also see that the most different difference between the eyes of Galeries Lafayette and ordinary people lies in the words “do not follow the trend”. When everyone smashed the Royal Oak, he chose the Royal Oak against the trend; when the trend of the modified watch has not yet arisen, he played personal customization early; when everyone used the smartwatch as a miniature mobile phone, he Unusually used as jewelry to wear … basically, every time is against the trend. I have no intention of judging whether his taste is good or bad, but I think his attitude is worth learning. Is it good to be good in everyone’s eyes? The difference in the eyes of everyone must be bad? You should know that even professional watch media has a look at it, as long as it is swatch for you, really like it, even if it is a small brand that is not known, even if it is a new product that everyone feels bad, you can choose. Just follow your heart.

I think this may be the greatest inspiration that Lafayette brings to us!

What Are The Watches Worn By The NBA Players Who Won The NBA?

I didn’t know if you had watched the NBA finals a few days ago. The Raptors, who were not optimistic, defeated the Warriors 4-2 and won this year’s NBA championship.

This round of the finals can be described as brilliant, cold, hard work, pain, sportsmanship… touched countless fans.

Of course, as a watch media, we can’t help but pay attention to what the champions have worn.


Ibaka, who was named “28 Card” by the Tigers, was a bloody battle with the Warriors and the Warriors a few years ago. It was a terrible movie but unfortunately missed the victory. This year, Ibaka finally got a shame, and the tough-guy image on the court also conquered many fans.

Ibaka has a lot of watches. In New York Fashion Week in 2018, he got the gold Patek Philippe Nautilus.

Sometimes he also wears Panerai. The big man in the early 2 meters is the perfect match with the fat sea.

In the same year of Paris fashion events and the Canadian Grand Prix, he started with Cartier Santos. Rough temperament and Cartier seem to have a slight sense of disobedience.

Lin Shuhao

Regardless of the status of the team, Jeremy Lin eventually represented the yellow race, represented the Asians, and represented the Chinese in a championship. The “Lin Madness” that he picked up before has also remained in the memory of the fans.

Lin Shuhao’s watch is not particularly expensive, there is Rolex, there is Bulgari. In 2015, he also became the brand ambassador of Tiger TAG Heuer, and TAG Heuer launched a special version of his series of Jeremy Lin.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two sides seems to have been suspended. Personal speculation is also related to Jeremy Lin’s performance, but helpless.


Remember the “junk brothers” who spoiled in the east that year? DeRozan left after Leonard arrived, Lori consciously assisted the new king of the North, and finally rushed out of the East to win the championship. It is also an inspirational existence.

Like Jeremy Lin, Lori also has a cooperation with a watch brand, that is – Citizen. Citizen also launched a black special edition nighthawk watch for him. However, their cooperation seems to have only ended in a few years. I don’t know if it is not enough to dislike Lori’s popularity.


This person is a bit special. As one of the Raptors’ superstars and one of the NBA’s the strongest stars, Leonard, who has made a splash this year, has a hard time finding photos with a watch. His style of life is just like the expression he always faces, simple and simple, without any embellishment.

According to my understanding, if a person like him wears a watch, it is estimated to be a simple G-SHOCK or Seiko. This can also be seen from his other living habits. For example, although he is estimated to be over 100 million US dollars, he still drives a car of 20,000 yuan. No one can imagine such a person wearing an RM or Patek Philippe look. Low-key and simple, also very good.

Male duck

People who care about pop culture should have heard of the hip-hop superstar Drake. Born in Canada, he is the global ambassador of the Raptors, because the Raptors are a rare Canadian team in the NBA. Due to the deep entanglement with the Raptors, important games must be played every time, and the team has made a lot of contributions to the team. Therefore, in the eyes of the fans, the male ducks are almost always the informal players of the Raptors.

In the historical moment of the Raptors’ win, the male ducks will inevitably participate in the whole process. His watches are just like other hip-hop superstars, and they are more and more embarrassing, mainly sports, such as Nautilus, Royal Oak, RM, Rolex and so on.

However, although these watches are all good watches, in my opinion, they are becoming the standard of hip-hop stars. It is a bit boring. This further shows that there is nothing special about his taste. On the contrary, like Ibaka and Jeremy Lin, who like to get started with non-popular styles, although not necessarily, at least show their own unique mind.