How About The New Tudor New Product This Year?

Rolex attracted the attention of most people at the Basel show, but the popularity of its little brother Tudor was also very good. The genes that are in line with Rolex, reliable quality and relatively close to the people’s price, have always been very competitive.

However, what is a bit strange is that this year’s Pakistan Exhibition, Tudor’s new products have caused some controversy. Below, we have selected three of the most popular Tudor new products, to do a deep analysis.

Bay Bronze P01

When this new product came out, it caused a huge discussion among the parties. First of all, its style is quite rare in Tudor’s historical watches; secondly, the value is a bit out of place.

According to the data, the prototype of the P01 comes from a diving watch developed by the Tudor for the US Navy in the 1960s. At that time, the technology of the diving bezel did not want to be perfect now. The navy personnel was worried that if the diving bet was accidentally touched during the diving to make an unplanned rotation, the wearer would face serious danger. Therefore, suppliers are required to provide a reliable bezel fixing technology. The answer given by Tudor is: set a “pick-up” metal baffle at the 12-point case and the bezel connection. To adjust the bezel, you must open it. After the adjustment is completed, the bezel is fixed.

Open the bezel to adjust the bezel

However, due to unknown reasons, the Navy did not use the design of the Tudor. The prototype was only produced in five pieces and was not put into mass production. Moreover, this unpopular niche watch gave some fake watch manufacturers inspiration, which used this as a prototype to create a batch of Rolex “old watch”, which was abducted and degraded. Of course, this is another story. In short, this P01 still has a historical prototype, but it is not from the production.

As a prototype of the 1960s, right is P01

Back to the watch itself, the diameter of the P01 is 42mm, which is larger than the prototype of 40mm. Steel case with 12-scale bezel, vintage plaster with old hour markers, snowflake needles. The biggest feature of the appearance is that the crown is placed at 4 o’clock, which is said to be the more comfortable watch to wear but sacrificed in terms of symmetry.

In addition, it continues the prototype bezel locking system, which is to open the bezel to adjust the bezel. This brings up a cosmetic problem: the watch looks more “long” and increases the difficulty of driving.

In terms of the movement, the MT5612 movement, which was produced by Tudor, was reprinted for 70 hours. It is COSC certified and can be adjusted at any time of the day. The domestic public price is expected to be around RMB 30,000 and will be listed in July this year.

Bay Bronze Chronograph Edition Gold Edition

Two years ago, when Tudor just launched the Bay Bronze chronograph, the topic was quite high, because it is rare to combine the design of the diving watch and the chronograph. This year, Tudor launched a gold version for this model, which became a popular style in this year’s new products.

The appearance of this watch reminds me of a special disk of the Daytona: “JPS” (John Player Special) produced in 1967. The reason why it is called John Player Special is that the black and gold on the dial are similar to the racing design of the F1 team Team Lotus in the 1970s, and the sponsor of the Team Lotus team is the tobacco player John Player Special (John Player & Sons). “JPS” Daytona is very rare, and there are fewer than 10 in the auctions in the past 20 years. Is this wave of Tudor a benefit to watching fans?

The above guess is a joke. As early as two years ago, Tudor had a gold version of the departure of Bay Bronze, and it was not an accident to apply the inter-gold material to the timing type. This watch can be seen as the “hybrid” version of the three watches mentioned above.

Back to the watch itself, its diameter is 41mm, the bezel and the chronograph button are all gold, the middle link of the gold-plated steel belt is also gold, and the rest are gold-plated.

Equipped with MT5813 movement (the prototype is Breitling B01 column movement), stored for 70 hours, COSC certification, waterproof depth of 200 meters. There are also a variety of straps including the gold strap.

At present, it is estimated that the domestic public price of 4 to 50,000 yuan (the gold strap will be more expensive), listed in June this year.

Bay Bronze slate gray

Following the brown of 2016 and the blue of 2017, this year, the Tudor has produced a third color, the slate gray, for the Bay Bronze. This slate gray bronze bus is also one of the main models of Tudor in this year.

Compared with the brown and blue versions of the previous generation, the color of the slate-gray is not very obvious. At first glance, it is basically a black tone. When you look closely, you can see the gray “shadow” with a gradient effect, which is very subtle.

Other aspects are not much different from the previous generation, 43mm diameter, bronze alloy case, the brown patina will appear over time. Equipped with MT5601 movement, belt, and NATO belt are optional.

It is estimated that the domestic public price will be around RMB 30,000 and will be listed in April this year.

According to this situation, Bay Bronze will be the main force of Tudor in opening up the market this year. Which one do you like the most?