What are the Tudor hot sale series?

Tudor watches always give people a noble, bright and elegant feeling, while Tudor watches not only have an extraordinary appearance, but also the watchmaking is unique. Every place is intricately crafted. The unique style has also made the Tudor watch a world-renowned watch brand, which has won the favor of many watch lovers. Then let me introduce you to the Tudor watch brand. Let us take a look at the charm of the Tudor watch.


  1. What are the Tudor hot sale series?


Tudor has introduced a number of classic styles, and the Junyi series men’s mechanical watch is one of the best-selling styles. The Junyi series men’s watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, calendar display, waterproof 100 meters. Made from a stainless steel case strap. Introverted luxury, more intriguing. It also has a black diamond-set dial with a screw-in crown and a very tall design.

With the theme of “excellence in heart and exquisite shape”, Tudor Junyi series is a masterpiece of high-end technology and aesthetic design, and perfectly displays the brand history and fine tradition of Tudor watch, and promotes exquisite appearance and superior technology. The ultimate. With an elegant and luxurious shape and a very high configuration, it became the best example of the Tudor.


2, Tudor belongs to several types of watchs


Although there are many world-branded watches that are expensive, the evaluation of watches cannot be determined entirely by price. The Swiss Watch Industry Association also has strict requirements for the classification of watches. The classification includes special grades, first-class one class, first-class second class, second class first class, second class, three class watch, and the like. Among them, the premium watch is a world-class luxury product. The production process is super-comprehensive and the hand-finished is perfect. The brand has a very high gold content and very little output. Most of them have to be ordered.

The emperor camel watch is currently a second-class first-class watch, namely the ETA advanced movement, which has a certain high-end brand with transformation and polishing process or outstanding design. The Camel is a brand of Rolex. Rolex belongs to the first class, rich art, outstanding technology, excellent craftsmanship, high precision, unique style, and high appreciation potential. Although the Camel is not as high as the Rolex, the price positioning is different, so it is suiwatch for the needs of different people.


After so many years of development, watches have become more than just time tools, but also a fashion accessory that highlights our taste. The watch industry has also formed its own complete system, and many watch brands have gradually matured, and they have begun to push new ideas to breakthrough.