Michael kors Watch Introduction

It is about 1,000 to 6,000 yuan, and it is more inclined to decorative watches.

The Michael Kors watch is a fashion watch and the quality is not comparable to the Swiss traditional watchmaking brand. It can’t even compare with the famous Japanese watch brands. Even in the face of CK, Burberry, and Armani, which are also fashion watches, it is not perfect. The essence of Michael Kors’ brand is Jet Set. The great time of the Jet Set in the 1960s was the golden age of American celebrity stars enjoying life. In the morning in New York, in Paris at night, don’t care about the perfect makeup, wear sunglasses, you can leave at any time. Just for an afternoon tea, there is a luxury leisure trend that has a reason to leave. The significance is not only to travel around the world by jet, but the most important thing is to comfort watch.

Michael Kors, a famous American fashion designer, owns a clothing brand named after him. He is a minimalist, the design style is simple and clear, and he likes to use high-quality fabrics to sew clothing. The cashmere knit style is his masterpiece. He is also good at designing expensive sportswear. He is a visionary who does not deviate from reality. He loves New Yorkers in Paris. He has won the attention of the world with his own design. In addition to focusing on his own brand, he is currently a reviewer of the Project Runway, a reality show nominated for the Emmy Awards. In addition, he wrote for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

In addition to the Michael Kors fashion show brand, Michael Kors established two sub-brands of MICHAEL Michael Kors and KORS Michael Kors under Michael Kors in 2004. KORS Michael Kors is an intermediate series between the fashion show series and MICHAEL Michael Kors. The MICHAEL range includes women’s handbags, women’s shoes, and ready-to-wear collections. KORS products include shoes and jeans. Currently, Michael Kors has boutiques in New York City, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, and Costa Mesa.

Compared to the small dial, I still like to be a little bigger. This dial is 33mm, just the size for me. This is a fashion watch, and the brand is also very low-key. I like rose gold and feel good in clothes. And this is set with a small diamond, the bling-bling fried chicken looks good. In general, after wearing it, I feel that it will actually improve the temperament. I always felt that something was missing after I had a good match. So give the fairies some advice. If the style of the clothes is simple, you can choose a watch to match, which can improve the overall dressing feeling. PO took a picture of the hand, and two pictures of the camera.