Lola rose watch introduction

Ins on the super fire of the niche brand watch! Unlike the current cold style, Lola rose is really very ladylike style, many works are really full of girls heart ~ Xiaobian thinks can be interspersed in different styles of clothes To the finishing touch, the gems in the dial will glow in the sun, and match the beautiful skirt, let the whole person bling-bling. Lola Rose from London, the brand’s design is very characteristic, the colorful minerals are the mirror, the lugs are set with gems, and are handmade. Malachite, tiger eye and marble are dazzling. It is also pretty good to match with Dior Tarot Twilly.

Price: 560-690 soft sister coin


Listen to the name: Lola Rose knows how sweet the brand is, how many girls, this British jewelry brand watch is very cute and lively, with a bracelet style, also has a variety of bright colors ~ from the British fashion The brand is known for its unique watches and accessories. Lola rose watches, the dial is particularly beautiful, is the use of natural crystal material 噢 ~


#ins’s most popular niche watch, Lolarose, is also a kind of grass grown on the red book. I personally like to put different styles of watches in different styles to make a finishing touch. Lola Rose was founded in the UK by Nikkigewirtz in 2000. Unlike the popular cold and simple style, Lola Rose is really a very feminine style. Many works are really full of girls. The first lens of Lolarose was selected from Montanaagate series of moonstone. Many of these watches are hand-finished with semi-precious stones or precious stones. The texture is good. Moonstone is also called the stone of lovers. It is said that the moonlight effect is due to the blue or bright white halo in the center of the gem. Summer is coming, the beautiful dress is already beckoning to me, I feel that this watch will be a good partner for those beautiful skirts. If you buy it, Ma Yun Dad has a store. If you go to the shopkeeper, I love the barcode. It is definitely good to take care of yourself and consider whether you want to say it or not.


London niche luxury watch LolaRoseXDior Tarot Twilly

  • A niche watch that is being shimmered with grass~ LolaRose from London. The design of the brand is very distinctive: the colorful minerals are the mirrors, the lugs are set with precious stones, and they are all handmade. Malachite, tiger eye and marble are dazzling. Finally selected this: SnowFlakeAgate. Because it reminds me of “Frozen” ~ the dial is a light gray-purple gradient, the texture of the snow, quiet and feminine. The lugs are inlaid with a stone of energy: gray agate, which contains a strong will. 30mm dial, generous and generous. In the last picture, I put in other styles that are still very grassy. · Also in the mirror, there is Dior Tarot Twilly, which is planted with small grains. Twilly is really practical. Can wrap the handle, can be a bow tie; tied a bow on the wrist, it is pretty good. This article is called “Priestess”, or the Pope.


Especially like to look at the moonlight stone dial of the Lola Rose family, moonstone is also called the lover stone, can wake up the gentle love of water. I think I need to be gentle. To be honest, the old man is disgusted! Unfortunately, there is no belt, only this chain. A little afraid of being old-fashioned, the only bad thing about the chain is that it is not versatile. It feels better to wear a more feminine dress with a formal dress and a silk shirt dress. But fortunately, the dial looks good. I want to re-enter one of their other watches, and then the straps can be worn not too wit. I haven’t peeled the protective film yet, so there are bubbles, so everyone will take a look.