How About Jacques De Rodriguez?

How about Jacques de Roque? Does Jacques de Ronaldo watch? Users who are unfamiliar with Jacques de Roy watches may have such questions. In fact, Jacques de Roque has a high reputation and is loved by many insiders.

Since its founding in 1738, Jacques de Rodriguez has been marked with the number “8”, and the Da Ming Huo is the ultimate craft demonstration. In the 18th century, Jacques de Rodriguez was famous for its mechanical dolls. It was favored by the European royal family and the Emperor Qianlong of China. There are many collections in the Palace Museum.

The origins of Jaquet Droz’s founder, Pierre Jacques de Rodriguez, can be traced back to the 18th century – the period when watches entered the Chinese market. At that time, Jacques de Rodriguez’s masterpieces of watches and clocks had been loved by Chinese emperors and dignitaries. Existing historical data shows that since 1783, Jacques Dero has sold products to China through James Cox. The first pair of works is a copper-plated turn-over flowering cage. According to the clear record in the “Incoming Order” in the First Historical Archives of China, the pair of caged bells was dedicated to the Emperor Qianlong by the Guangdong Customs Supervision Mustang on August 3, 1785. Since then, Jaquet Droz has also Her Chinese name – Jacques de Rodriguez. Therefore, Jacques de Rodriguez is one of the first Swiss luxury watches to enter China, and its collection value can be seen.

Unlike other top watches, the movement used by Jacques Delro is not self-made, but an FP movement that is shared with Breguet and the group’s high-end brands! This can be described by a specialization in the industry, Jacques de Rodriguez The design of the exterior to the extreme, especially its dazzling skills, is even more unique. Thus, Jacques de Roy watches can be said that each piece is a work of art.

It is worth mentioning that Jacques de Roy’s annual production is less than the individual limited edition of some brands. This invisibly increases the value and collection value of Jacques de Rodriguez. The price of Jacques de Roy ranges from a few hundred thousand to several million, and the price of individual watches is even more unattainable.

As the outstanding representative of the Swiss watch industry’s earliest “maverick”, the art of watchmaking by Jaquet Droz is widely acclaimed in the European courts and the royal family. Its world-famous “active dolls” and “over-the-birds” The bell is almost an important indicator for judging the diplomatic level of a mission and the importance of its mission. The brand’s watches and clocks have played an irreplaceable role in the early exchanges between the East and the West. Today, the Jacques Jaquet Droz collection in the Palace Museum of Watches has witnessed the brand and China for more than 200 years. The turn of the legend.

Jaquet Droz is widely acclaimed for its fine watchmaking and luxury craftsmanship, especially with the “Grand Feu” Da Minghuo craft. The Arabic numeral “8” is the brand’s artistic inspiration source, meaning perfect harmony. It is widely used in all series of brands. Together with the craftsmanship, it has become the logo of Jaquet Droz, which perfectly reflects the characteristics of the brand craft and design. Since its inception, Jaquet Droz has always adhered to his convictions and is committed to creating artistic and time-honored timepieces. In its view, the watch is not only a mechanical device but an emotional, warm-hearted enthusiasm.

Across the centuries, Jaquet Droz brought the art of transcendence beyond time to China and continued for centuries of Chinese love. This is a full return of a luxurious spirit and a new opening of a gorgeous journey. Jaquet Droz China and Hong Kong brand manager Wen Jiahui said that the world-renowned watchmaker Pierre Jaquet Droz, with his wisdom and keen business sense, is not only a simple design and production timepiece, but his great ambition makes it an automaton. pioneer. Jacques Delro left his great heritage and infinite wisdom to the descendants, intertwined with eternal and modern, and felt the mysterious charm and the enthusiasm of the brand.

How about Jacques de Rodriguez? I believe that everyone has learned that from pure naturalism to magical abstract patterns, from ancient carvings and micro-painting techniques to the new expressions of modern art, from European palaces to contemporary metropolises, these unique models continue Tells the legend of Jacques de Rodriguez.