Agete brand introduction

Agete is also a familiar Japanese jewelry brand, which has a brand history of nearly 30 years. The simple and exquisite design reveals the fashion jewelry and jewelry of the times. His family likes to use gold, silver, precious stones, semi-precious stones, and other materials to make the basic models, and also uses the most popular elements of the moment to make fashion models. Let women of all ages find a style that fits their style.

Agete was born in 1990. The Tokyo jewelry brand in Japan has many elements of jewelry. From the classic models made of natural gold, silver, semi-precious stones, and precious stones, to the fashionable models using modern materials, the various characteristics of gemstones are interpreted. The shape is very small, and each piece of agete can be worn and superimposed to show different styles. These light and sleek little jewels, girls or OL wear will be very delicate. Embellished between the neck, ears or fingers, you can add sparkle to yourself inadvertently.

Japanese fashion jewelry brand young and diverse design has always liked her family’s ring chain is very fresh and slender and chic, before the rush to pass by, there is no time to choose to try it today, just white, and more than an hour to find the Christmas special edition price ratio Before the more lovely sapphire red treasure and opal are very fond of the last choice of the love of the birthday stone Isetan gold card nine folds because the limited edition sent a Spanish sparkling wine is very good ~ her home sales MM people Very kind and will give advice. Hard sell. Very clear with the brand’s small fresh style service card.