Summer football! HUBLOT partner Juventus visits China to warm up for the new season

In the summer of 2019, many football giants came to China to warm up for the upcoming season! Swiss well-known watch brand HUBLOT Hublot will usher in a wonderful moment for partners and Serie A eight consecutive Juventus clubs in China!

Juventus, one of the most successful teams in Italian football history. As the official timing partner of Juventus Club, Hublot glory witnessed the glory of this team known as the “old woman” who has won the Italian Football League for eight consecutive years since 2012. On July 24th, Juventus, who has many outstanding stars, will perform an “Italian National Derby” with Inter Milan in Nanjing.


Hublot has started cooperation with Juventus since 2012 and has launched three cooperative watches. The latest classic fusion series Juventus chronograph, limited to 200 pieces, each watch will be accompanied by a Juventus uniform signed by the team star. The watch is equipped with a HUB1143 self-winding chronograph movement, a polished black satin black ceramic case, and a black carbon fiber bezel. The bezel is equipped with six H-shaped titanium screws, which are full of exquisite sportsmanship. This team logo with 37 Serie A titles is engraved on the back of the watch and is also clearly visible on the small seconds at 3 o’clock.


Hublot has entered the football world since 2006, setting a precedent for cooperation between luxury brands and football. Today is widely known and has become a model for cooperation between brands and football. Three consecutive FIFA World Cups (2010, 2014, 2018), three consecutive UEFA European Cups (2008, 2012, 2016), UEFA Champions League (2015-present), Juventus Club, Chelsea Club, Bailey Maradona, Mourinho, Mbape, etc., these top-level events of global concern, the legendary international legends and the well-established football giants all work closely with Hublot. Hublot provides precise timing for the partners in the football field, and together it presents every passionate moment brought by football to the world!

Hublot loves football, football loves Hublot! This summer, together with Hublot, in the football world!

Case Polished satin black ceramic Diameter: 45 mm Water resistance: 50 m (5 ATM)


Dial Black Sunburst Satin 3 o’clock position printed with “Juventus Football Club” logo polished rhodium-plated applique anti-reflection treatment sapphire crystal glass


Bezel black PVD titanium is incorporated into black carbon fiber, the white composite resin is attached with 6 H-shaped titanium screws


Back black ceramic polished engraved “limited to 200” and number


Movement HUB 1243 Automatic winding chronograph movement Power reserve: 42 hours


Strap and buckle black crocodile leather lined with white rubber, white stitching black PVD coated steel buckle

IWC watch IW501005 bronze watch

Only a few watches can become a “phenomenon-level” existence, and the Big Pilot of the nations is one of them. This design was inspired by the pilots of World War II and believed that there was no need to introduce too much. At the 2016 Geneva exhibition, the brand launched a new series of pilot watches, which included the Big Pilot “Little Prince” IW500916 watch that captured the hearts of many watchmakers. Recently, the brand has added a new branch series with the rich atmosphere and the name of “Inheritance” in the Big Pilot series. One of the works – the large-scale pilot of the IWC inherits the IW501005 bronze watch, this is today. The protagonist of the article. This time, bronze is going to heaven.


In 2002, IWC launched a timepiece, and this timepiece later became the cornerstone of the series. This watch has been praised and loved by many watchmakers. It defines the identity of the watchmaker of the IWC pilot. Its name is Big Pilot. The re-interpretation of the modern version of the iconic German military watch B-Uhr gave the IW5002 watch with its black dial, the first of its collection. B-Uhr was born in 1935 and is the abbreviation of German “Beobachtungsuhr (observation watch)”. It is also marked on the watch body, mainly worn by the pilot of the aircraft.


The model is equipped with a Cal.52110 mechanical movement. This pocket-sized movement (38.20mm) was released in 2015, with more improvements than the previous 7-day power engine. First, its power is now stored in two barrels instead of the previous one, which means it delivers more swatch torque. The self-winding mechanism is still the Bellerton system but is now equipped with the black ceramic bobbin and white ceramic bearings. Its vibration frequency is 4Hz, and the use of the Breguet spring ensures maximum precision.


For those who like this watch with a time-sensitive case and dial, the IW501005 bronze watch from the large pilot series of the country is definitely very good work. It is more attractive than the steel style, and it doesn’t require too much care in daily wear. However, it is important to know that the watch is limited to 1,500 pieces and the price is 13,800 euros. For more details, please click to visit the official website of the country.

Parmigiani Tonda 1950 series Galaxy watch – the elf in the comet river!

In the watchmaking process, the dial design is often the top priority of the watchmakers. In order to create more splendid artistic masterpieces, countless master-class dialers constantly experiment, test, and invent, ensuring that every dial of their own hands is extremely saturated and deep! Parmigiani’s dials myths used the starry night sky of the Tawi Valley where the company’s headquarters was located as a source of inspiration for the design dial, replicating the deep midnight blue on the dial of the Tonda 1950 series Galaxy watch, reappearing The starry night sky!

The dial of the Parma Johnny Tonda 1950 series Galaxy watch is made of blue gold-gold glass, which perfectly shows this fascinating scene. The stars in the stars are scattered and the points are restored. The sparkling scene in the night sky makes everyone who sees it indulge in it and can’t extricate themselves. Shajin glass was in the 18th century. In Murano, Italy, a glassblower accidentally found a small piece of copper in molten glass and was fortunate enough to find it. He named the new material “Golden Stone”. The sand gold glass was first broken and then reorganized. The copper contained in it gave the material a unique star-like effect. It seems that countless gold is shining.


The design of the other parts of the Tama 1950 series Xinghe watch is also very striking: the gorgeous bezel made of 84 diamonds on the outside of the case, with a deep dial, symbolizing the “halo” surrounding the Milky Way. The use of opals at the crown is reminiscent of the nebula. It is conceivable that such a timepiece with a formal dress will give off an elegant and indifferent style.


The Parma Johnny Tonda 1950 series Galaxy watch is equipped with a Cal. PF702 self-winding movement. The wearer can easily observe the details through the sapphire crystal through the back of the watch, such as the Geneva ripple or the plywood chamfer. The use of super-high grinding technology. It is assembled from 29 jewel bearings and 160 different components with a vibration frequency of 3 Hz and a 48-hour power reserve.

Let’s go back to the beautiful dial behind the anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the Tonda 1950 series Galaxy watch. The 18K gold hour markers and the triangular hour and minute hands are pleasing to the eye of the “Xinghe” disk. At the same time, the light and dark The superior contrast further enhances the overall clarity of the disc, making reading a great treat. Of course, only the “starlight flicker” is not enough to illuminate the disk surface, so the hands are covered with a layer of white luminous material, which is convenient for use under insufficient light conditions.

The Parma Johnny Tonda 1950 series Galaxy watch case is completely made of polished 18k rose gold, with a size of 39mm, a thickness of 8.4mm and a waterproof depth of 30m. For a formal watch, these are The parameters are enough. At the same time, a black Hermès crocodile leather strap is used to neutralize the luxury of 84 diamonds, an opal, and a rose gold case. At the same time, it complements the deep Galaxy disk. Going up is more elegant.

Zenith Heritage Series TIPO CP-2 Chronograph Watch – Replica Legend!

Every year, a watch with a high price can be auctioned at a watch auction. It must be a watch with very few words and a very special character! In fact, it doesn’t have to be how expensive the material is. Just like this ZENITH was sold in the 1960s by the Italian dealer A. Cairelli to the Italian military’s Cairelli military pilot chronograph, one of the top five auction houses in the world. “The Phillips auction house sold for 62,500 Swiss francs more than three times the estimated price (estimated price is 20,000 Swiss francs). Today, in order to commemorate this legendary watch, Zenith has launched a replica series of TIPO. The CP-2 chronograph watch is not only the appearance of the classic design features, but also the El Primero automatic movement inside is expected!

Before we officially introduce this series of TIPO CP-2 chronograph watches, let us review this history! Since the early 1960s, when the Italian military selected Zenith, it produced military watches for its naval and air force. The Roman dealer “A. Cairelli” was responsible for transporting 2,500 chronographs to the Italian Navy and Air Force; until the late 1970s, the pilot of the Lockheed F104 “F104 Starfighter” was still wearing this. watch.


The original military chronograph, codenamed TIPO CP-2, features two chronograph discs, 43 mm in diameter, ensuring legibility that is critical to the pilot. Powering this top-flight is the Zenith DP 146 movement, which is exemplary in terms of reliability – it has proven to be decisive for the accuracy of the tasks performed. With its extraordinary practicality, this Zenith chronograph is the perfect complement to all kinds of airborne instruments in the cockpit. Even if the pilot has no mission, it rarely leaves the watch away from the wrist. Full trust in this watch. Since the beginning of the 20th century, various military forces have come to the fore, and they have commissioned Zenith to create military watches to meet their stringent technical specifications. That is, they require the timepieces created by Genelec to be highly reliable and accurate. Excellently readable and rugged in any environment.


The most striking part of the design of the new TIPO CP-2 chronograph watch is the highly redesigned design element of the original watch. Details such as the size of the case, the style of the rotating bezel, the configuration of the faceplate, and the style of the hour markers, scales, and hands all reproduce the look of the classic CP-2. Of course, the texture of the details is better than the classic ones. It is very good work for collectors who love the classic CP-2 design or watchmakers who love flying watches.

With an unquestionable and powerful “gas field”, wearing the wrist, its military genes are self-evident; it is subtle and impeccable in its subtleties, so it is enough to disappoint all kinds of fleeting fashion trends and time itself. Time, a model of timelessness. The Cal. 146DP hand-wound movement is the basis and predecessor of the classic El Primero movement developed by Zenith in 1969. In the new Heritage Revival Cronometro Tipo CP-2 engraved watch, the El Primero caliber, which has a strong blood relationship with the classic Cal. 146DP caliber, has a strong heritage. Of course, the performance of the El Primero movement is much higher, and in order to pay tribute to the classic, the brand deliberately canceled the configuration of the 12-hour counter and date window in this replica, making the appearance more original design. With only a high frequency of 36,000 vph, you can also feel Zenith’s intentions in this replica watch.

The Zenith Heritage Series TIPO CP-2 Chronograph Watch has an unmistakable “gas field”, and its wrists are self-evident; its subtleties are subtle and impeccable, so it’s enough to stand out The so-called fleeting fashion trend and time itself have become a model of timeless and timeless.

Lola rose watch introduction

Ins on the super fire of the niche brand watch! Unlike the current cold style, Lola rose is really very ladylike style, many works are really full of girls heart ~ Xiaobian thinks can be interspersed in different styles of clothes To the finishing touch, the gems in the dial will glow in the sun, and match the beautiful skirt, let the whole person bling-bling. Lola Rose from London, the brand’s design is very characteristic, the colorful minerals are the mirror, the lugs are set with gems, and are handmade. Malachite, tiger eye and marble are dazzling. It is also pretty good to match with Dior Tarot Twilly.

Price: 560-690 soft sister coin


Listen to the name: Lola Rose knows how sweet the brand is, how many girls, this British jewelry brand watch is very cute and lively, with a bracelet style, also has a variety of bright colors ~ from the British fashion The brand is known for its unique watches and accessories. Lola rose watches, the dial is particularly beautiful, is the use of natural crystal material 噢 ~


#ins’s most popular niche watch, Lolarose, is also a kind of grass grown on the red book. I personally like to put different styles of watches in different styles to make a finishing touch. Lola Rose was founded in the UK by Nikkigewirtz in 2000. Unlike the popular cold and simple style, Lola Rose is really a very feminine style. Many works are really full of girls. The first lens of Lolarose was selected from Montanaagate series of moonstone. Many of these watches are hand-finished with semi-precious stones or precious stones. The texture is good. Moonstone is also called the stone of lovers. It is said that the moonlight effect is due to the blue or bright white halo in the center of the gem. Summer is coming, the beautiful dress is already beckoning to me, I feel that this watch will be a good partner for those beautiful skirts. If you buy it, Ma Yun Dad has a store. If you go to the shopkeeper, I love the barcode. It is definitely good to take care of yourself and consider whether you want to say it or not.


London niche luxury watch LolaRoseXDior Tarot Twilly

  • A niche watch that is being shimmered with grass~ LolaRose from London. The design of the brand is very distinctive: the colorful minerals are the mirrors, the lugs are set with precious stones, and they are all handmade. Malachite, tiger eye and marble are dazzling. Finally selected this: SnowFlakeAgate. Because it reminds me of “Frozen” ~ the dial is a light gray-purple gradient, the texture of the snow, quiet and feminine. The lugs are inlaid with a stone of energy: gray agate, which contains a strong will. 30mm dial, generous and generous. In the last picture, I put in other styles that are still very grassy. · Also in the mirror, there is Dior Tarot Twilly, which is planted with small grains. Twilly is really practical. Can wrap the handle, can be a bow tie; tied a bow on the wrist, it is pretty good. This article is called “Priestess”, or the Pope.


Especially like to look at the moonlight stone dial of the Lola Rose family, moonstone is also called the lover stone, can wake up the gentle love of water. I think I need to be gentle. To be honest, the old man is disgusted! Unfortunately, there is no belt, only this chain. A little afraid of being old-fashioned, the only bad thing about the chain is that it is not versatile. It feels better to wear a more feminine dress with a formal dress and a silk shirt dress. But fortunately, the dial looks good. I want to re-enter one of their other watches, and then the straps can be worn not too wit. I haven’t peeled the protective film yet, so there are bubbles, so everyone will take a look.

I don’t want to pick it up when I wear it – Patek Philippe 5025G Moon Phase Calendar

The blue dial has been popular for a while so that it is almost faintly a third-party force outside the traditional classic black and white dial. Therefore, in the past, perhaps only a blue dial is enough to make it stand out from the crowd, but now, you have to have some more unique qualities. The world-famous Patek Philippe nature has long been aware of the direction of development, so in the latest iteration of the 5025G watch, we saw the excellent answer from the brand. Although this is not a brand new timepiece in essence,its mouth-watering gradient blue dial can really be said to re-interpret this style and push its charm to the peak. Perhaps after reading this article, you can understand that it is even harder to capture and display the gorgeous blue tone of this watch, which is to return it to the watch store.

The new Patek Philippe 5025G Moon Phase Calendar is paired with a hand-stitched black square crocodile leather strap with a buckle in white gold. Whether it’s a dressing occasion or a casual gathering, this timepiece can make you the focus. The watch is currently available at a price of €43,520. For more details, please visit the official website of Patek Philippe.

What are the Tudor hot sale series?

Tudor watches always give people a noble, bright and elegant feeling, while Tudor watches not only have an extraordinary appearance, but also the watchmaking is unique. Every place is intricately crafted. The unique style has also made the Tudor watch a world-renowned watch brand, which has won the favor of many watch lovers. Then let me introduce you to the Tudor watch brand. Let us take a look at the charm of the Tudor watch.


  1. What are the Tudor hot sale series?


Tudor has introduced a number of classic styles, and the Junyi series men’s mechanical watch is one of the best-selling styles. The Junyi series men’s watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, calendar display, waterproof 100 meters. Made from a stainless steel case strap. Introverted luxury, more intriguing. It also has a black diamond-set dial with a screw-in crown and a very tall design.

With the theme of “excellence in heart and exquisite shape”, Tudor Junyi series is a masterpiece of high-end technology and aesthetic design, and perfectly displays the brand history and fine tradition of Tudor watch, and promotes exquisite appearance and superior technology. The ultimate. With an elegant and luxurious shape and a very high configuration, it became the best example of the Tudor.


2, Tudor belongs to several types of watchs


Although there are many world-branded watches that are expensive, the evaluation of watches cannot be determined entirely by price. The Swiss Watch Industry Association also has strict requirements for the classification of watches. The classification includes special grades, first-class one class, first-class second class, second class first class, second class, three class watch, and the like. Among them, the premium watch is a world-class luxury product. The production process is super-comprehensive and the hand-finished is perfect. The brand has a very high gold content and very little output. Most of them have to be ordered.

The emperor camel watch is currently a second-class first-class watch, namely the ETA advanced movement, which has a certain high-end brand with transformation and polishing process or outstanding design. The Camel is a brand of Rolex. Rolex belongs to the first class, rich art, outstanding technology, excellent craftsmanship, high precision, unique style, and high appreciation potential. Although the Camel is not as high as the Rolex, the price positioning is different, so it is suiwatch for the needs of different people.


After so many years of development, watches have become more than just time tools, but also a fashion accessory that highlights our taste. The watch industry has also formed its own complete system, and many watch brands have gradually matured, and they have begun to push new ideas to breakthrough.