5000 or so men’s watches _5 thousand (K) watches which cost-effective

Today, let’s take a look at a few models of 5k, which are low in cost and high in value!


Tissot TISSOT series T006.407.36.053.00 mechanical men’s watch


Tissot’s dial is 39.3mm, which is definitely not a universal model. The black dial with Roman numerals and classic big three needles, especially in the rose gold bezel and leather strap, the gold highlights the mature and steady The temperament, chic bottom design, Tissot 1853 words across the bottom of the watch.


Modern youth has an inexplicable love for Tissot. If there is only a budget of more than 3,000 to buy a watch, at least 5 of the 10 will choose Tissot Leroy. Indeed, it is not easy to buy an imported ETA mechanical movement at this price point. The original T41 ETA2824 movement was upgraded to POWERMATIC 80.811, and it has an 80-hour moving reserve without changing the dial size and thickness. The application of the hairspring also makes the watch more precise.


Herbert MichelHerbelinAmbassade French Ambassador Series 1650/12MA mechanical men’s watch


Herbert’s watches always have some French elegance, and the exquisite and delicate matte dial carries a three-dimensional scale, with three needles at the atmosphere, stylish and elegant. There are quite a few designs on the dial. The first is the irregular cross in the center of the dial. It points to 3, 9, 12 and 6 points. It adds an elegant temperament. The small square at the top of the time scale is also chic.


What is more worth mentioning is the black and white gradient effect of the time scale. You can observe it yourself, so I won’t go into details here. The silver-white dial is paired with a brown leather strap, which is more textured when worn and is suiwatch for coats and gloves in the winter.


Mido helmsman series M005.430.11.061.80 mechanical men’s watch


This beautiful one is a relatively large round dial with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 10.95 mm. It is made of stainless steel. The color of the dial is dark gray, giving a very strong texture, highlighting the masculinity of men; and the decoration of the strips makes the watch look very dynamic, like a breezy water surface.

The watch is mainly sporty, so there is not much function matching, and the classic big three-shot time display is enough. The white English week display on the gray-black dial and the date display of Arabic numerals are extremely readable. In terms of power, the caliber carried by the watch is the ETA2836-2 caliber with a 40-hour power reserve. The price of this watch is also 100 meters waterproof.


Yonger&BressonBeaumesnilXTremR series YBH8351-13 mechanical men’s watch


Yonger&Bressonis a French retro fashion brand, inheriting the 250 years of the exquisite craftsmanship of the French watchmaking base Morto, has its own independent research and development of MPB movement, punctual and reliable, durable. Of course, the reason for recommending this is simple, cool black, matte black dial with strips of luminous scale, stylish and generous, 3 o’clock position is the calendar display window, the watch function is simple and practical.

Moreover, the watch has a back-transparent design. Through the bottom of the watch, you can see the carefully polished watch movement. There is also a brand logo on the oscillating weight. The outer ring of the watch also has the wave pattern of the brand logo. The clockwork fish personally feels that this watch has a personality, and the 3000-piece selection will have a high value!


Eboest ErrelBorel rhyme series GBR608-8599 quartz men’s watch


The watch of the Ebola rhyme series is inspired by the western classical instrument harp. The exquisite and beautiful harp shape is very artistic, the simple hour and minute hands move, and there are 8 rhinestones on the dial, which are more beautiful and shining. Hong Kong’s famous movie star Lin Feng endorsement models, elegant and extravagant.


The brown harp ripple is complemented by case stainless steel and PVD gold-plated material, which gives the watch a noble and fashionable style. This watch uses a quartz movement, which is more convenient and precise and is suiwatch for people who are too lazy to maintain their watches.


Divos DAVOSAGentleman gentleman series 16145632 mechanical men’s watch


Divos’ 40mm face watch, at first glance, can be found in a lot of surprises. Firstly, the center of the ivory dial and the outer ring are striped. The scale circle is designed with concentric water ripples. It is matched with 18k rose gold and three needles. The scale is also 18k rose gold. The whole dial is harmonious. Simple and generous design is definitely a good choice for business occasions.

The strap is a double-knit calfskin strap that is soft, durable and comforwatch to wear. The watch is equipped with the SW200 movement. What is rare is that at this entry-level price, Divos is still very good at polishing the appearance of the movement, like the Geneva pattern of the oscillating weight, the fish scales of the splint, and Blue steel screw fixing machine, etc., very beautiful and cost-effective.


Maserati MaseratiPotenza Series R8821108002 Mechanical Men’s Watch


Look! You can also afford Maserati, yes, Maserati has a watch. You can’t afford a Maserati sports car for a while, but you can definitely start with this Maserati watch. Maserati’s watch is designed to take full advantage of the exterior design of the sports car, combining urban business and sportiness.

The PVD rose gold case is complemented by a gold openwork panel with a three-pronged Maserati LOGO engraved on the dial. There is also the Maserati lettering outside the bezel, which is stylish. The watch is equipped with a mechanical movement inside, and the time is accurate. The Tuhao Gold watch is paired with a high-quality black belt, which seems to be quite powerful. Wearing it can attract a lot of attention.


Seiko SEIKOPresage cocktail series ManhattanSRPB46J1 mechanical men’s watch

Unlike the beauty of the spring, the richness of the summer and the splendor of the autumn, the snowy winter is always monotonous in color, which is a bit less. In this bleak and cold season, paired with a warm-colored watch as a self-modification, not only can increase the visual warmth, but also enhance the dynamic and vitality, so that your wintertime is full of fashion!


Therefore, for the boys, a Presage series mechanical watch is undoubtedly a great choice! Inspired by the fascinating MANHATTAN cocktails, this watch combines intense and direct rose gold with brown to create a layered, metallic feel. The high-quality 4R35 caliber presents a simple, slim three-pin design, while the 4R57 caliber is equipped with a central power reserve display that lasts approximately 41 hours in full chain.

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