How about the Longines l2.628.4.786 watch?

There are many Longines watch series. In addition to the well-known masters, military flags and Jiayu series, there are many other classic models. According to the series launched by Longines in recent years, there are now as many as 12 kinds, each of which The series are all different, whether it is from the style, function or price, there are obvious differences.

Longines has a long and distinguished tradition, and from the beginning it has been internationally renowned for its constant quality and changing style. The Longines Masters series is the best endorsement of this famous tradition. Since its launch in 2005, the Masters series has achieved great success. Now, Longines has added a new rose gold and gold style to this collection, with a black dial and a new size. The new watch was sensational when it was launched. The new design is geared to the international market and accurately matches the needs of today’s consumers for pure quality and individual style.


The Longines Masters Master is not the first model launched by Longines, but it has always been a mainstream series that Longines is proud of. Whether it is in sales or popularity, the Longines series has precise and precise design techniques. Accurately meet the needs of watch lovers for the reliable quality and pure value that Longines has placed. The Longines Masters series has excellent quality and outstanding design, and has combined with extraordinary marketing strategies to design elegant and complementary styles. The practical function of the watch, while the Longines watchmaker series complex function watch is a model of the brand’s extraordinary strength.


Longines l2.628.4.786 watch introduction

Longines L2.628.4.786 master series, high efficiency accuracy. Longines L2.628.4.786 This is a Longines master series mechanical men’s watch, very classic, simple, elegant watch. Longines focuses on technology, craftsmanship and innovation. With unremitting efforts, it has pioneered the pioneering and exemplary of the watchmaking industry. Its exquisite design makes its products have excellent performance and precision. At the same time, it combines classic or fashionable elegance with the interpretation of Longines. The timeless elegance of time and space.


Longines L2.628.4.786 elegant attitude, Longines with extraordinary aesthetic taste and design inspiration, capture the trend of fashion such as barrel-shaped, oval, rectangular and other watch styles, leading the fashion, and even for the world of art and fashion innovation trend.


Longines also pays great attention to the rich design of the streamlined line, creating a variety of elegant and fashionable styles, and has won the Baden-Baden Golden Rose award for many times. The noble jewels, the slim and elegant Jiayu, the gentle classical collection, the exquisite and elegant Beja, the novel and unique Weiner, the famous Tiancheng masters, the beautiful and elegant series, and the passionate sports. A series of watches, Longines continues to dedicate time to art for those who pursue elegance and beauty.

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