IWC watch IW501005 bronze watch

Only a few watches can become a “phenomenon-level” existence, and the Big Pilot of the nations is one of them. This design was inspired by the pilots of World War II and believed that there was no need to introduce too much. At the 2016 Geneva exhibition, the brand launched a new series of pilot watches, which included the Big Pilot “Little Prince” IW500916 watch that captured the hearts of many watchmakers. Recently, the brand has added a new branch series with the rich atmosphere and the name of “Inheritance” in the Big Pilot series. One of the works – the large-scale pilot of the IWC inherits the IW501005 bronze watch, this is today. The protagonist of the article. This time, bronze is going to heaven.


In 2002, IWC launched a timepiece, and this timepiece later became the cornerstone of the series. This watch has been praised and loved by many watchmakers. It defines the identity of the watchmaker of the IWC pilot. Its name is Big Pilot. The re-interpretation of the modern version of the iconic German military watch B-Uhr gave the IW5002 watch with its black dial, the first of its collection. B-Uhr was born in 1935 and is the abbreviation of German “Beobachtungsuhr (observation watch)”. It is also marked on the watch body, mainly worn by the pilot of the aircraft.


The model is equipped with a Cal.52110 mechanical movement. This pocket-sized movement (38.20mm) was released in 2015, with more improvements than the previous 7-day power engine. First, its power is now stored in two barrels instead of the previous one, which means it delivers more swatch torque. The self-winding mechanism is still the Bellerton system but is now equipped with the black ceramic bobbin and white ceramic bearings. Its vibration frequency is 4Hz, and the use of the Breguet spring ensures maximum precision.


For those who like this watch with a time-sensitive case and dial, the IW501005 bronze watch from the large pilot series of the country is definitely very good work. It is more attractive than the steel style, and it doesn’t require too much care in daily wear. However, it is important to know that the watch is limited to 1,500 pieces and the price is 13,800 euros. For more details, please click to visit the official website of the country.

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