How About Suunto Watches?

Suunto is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of motion measurement equipment for mountaineering, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, sailing, and golf. Suunto sports measurement equipment has always been praised by consumers for its cutting-edge design, precision, and reliability. Its sports-specific computer, which combines aesthetics and watches functions, can help sports and outdoor enthusiasts at different stages improve their performance. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto has more than 500 employees worldwide and its products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. It is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation in Helsinki.

The SUUNTO brand was born in 1936. As the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment, the company is headquartered in Fanta, Finland. It has a history of more than 70 years and its products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It is the world’s top motion measurement equipment for sports, such as hiking, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, cycling, triathlon, navigation, and golf. Suunto has always been highly regarded by consumers for its precise, reliable and stylish design, which can help various types of special training and outdoor enthusiasts to enhance their athletic performance.

Spartan Sport Wrist HR Forest: literary, cool and maverick

The dark green Forest is easily reminiscent of a dense forest, where green represents everything. Not just the strap, the fuselage of the Forest is also dark green, even including the text on the back. This color scheme makes Forest look a little lively. Of course, the Forest, which is dominated by the special independence behavior, does not need to have a lively attribute. Forest’s copper-plated stainless steel case and buttons are a symbol of its nobleness. In addition, Forest’s strap buckles have also been added with copper-plated primary colors, but Forest is obviously a little inferior to Spartan Ultra Gold’s gold-plated design. However, this does not affect the overall perception of Forest. The combination of bronze and dark green seems to be more in line with the love of young artists/uncles. After all, they are different from the upstarts in their hearts.

The 1.97-inch dial is paired with an outdoor-grade color touch screen with a diameter of 34mm, which is excellent in sunlight. The width of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR display is not much in the current sports watch. The Fenix ​​5 screen we reviewed recently was 31mm in diameter. I want to be able to directly match the original size of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR. The Fenix ​​5X is gone. The touch screen experience that Spartan Ultra brought to us in the past is not ideal, but after nearly a year of system upgrades, the touch screen experience at Spartan Sport Wrist HR is much better than it was at the beginning, but it still cannot change its wet hands. Performance under. The standard three buttons are Suunto’s “intimate” for those who are not good at using the touch screen. The function is exactly the same as that of Spartan Sport/Ultra. Even the feel of the buttons is not bad, the keystroke is long and the hand feels soft. If you don’t turn on the vibration feedback feel, you may be terrible.

The internal configuration of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR is basically copied from the Spartan Sport design. The built-in GPS/GLONASS dual-star positioning system is equipped with a battery that lasts for 8 hours with the best GPS accuracy. The most important thing is to have a photoelectric heart rate sensor from Valencell.

This photoelectric heart rate sensor using Valencell technology is different from the traditional PPG technology photoelectric heart rate sensor. First of all, the sensor design is obviously different. The traditional PPG sensor uses two LEDs that emit green light and a signal receiver. In addition to the above components, Valencell technology adds an LED that emits an orange-yellow light source to measure blood signals by using a different emission frequency than the green LED.

Thanks to the configuration of the photoelectric heart rate sensor, the overall built-in functionality of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR has not changed much, basically in line with Spartan Sport. Supports up to 80 configurable functions such as running, trail running, treadmill, cycling, swimming, etc. in sports mode, support for step counting, calories, training status, etc. in daily functions, intelligent function support message notification, alarm clock, etc. Although there is no special design in terms of function, the addition of photoelectric heart rate makes the acquisition of heart rate data in motion more convenient.

Spartan Sport Wrist HR adds a heart rate curve to the motion data, which allows real-time heart rate data to be presented directly as a curve. This visual page is better than simple digital effects.

Spartan Sport Wrist HR is not a high-end flagship model, but a cost-effective mid- to high-end sports watch. The launch of Forest, Copper and even the Gold version did not change the positioning of Spartan Sport Wrist HR, but the Spartan Sport Wrist HR of SPECIAL EDITION made more choices than before.

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