Is It Not Good?

In the watch market, in addition to the popular brands of watch sellers, there are actually some brands. They have superb watchmaking technology and high-grade watchmaking positioning, but because of marketing and other issues, there is a situation of “satisfaction”. Since they are all “satisfied”, then it is only a matter of time before the “calling”. Some forward-thinking high-end players have already started, and today we will take a look at the choices of high-end players.

Athens watch whimsy series 2303-270/CARB watch

Recommended reason: The Athens watch began to exert its strength this year, not only at the Geneva exhibition but also released a new watch shocking watch. Not long ago, the first franchise boutique of Athens Watch in China was also grandly opened in Shanghai. The Athens watch Freak X series is a series that can be said to be a benchmark in Athens this year. The F-Imaginary series breaks the traditional watchmaking style and puts the balance wheel and the wheel train on the dial. It replaces the traditional pointer with a mechanical structure. Breaking through the past design style of Athens. This whimsical series is priced at around RMB 190,000 and is made of carbon-positive (Carbonium ® ) matte finish. This is a high-end, high-end watch brand with high-tech materials. New choice.

Parmigiani TONIC series PFC423-1600201-HA1241 watch

Recommended reason: When it comes to Parmigiani, many people think of him as “a distant god”, thinking that it is still too far away from us, but it is not. This year, the Parmigiani Toric series launched three new watches that have been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory. You should know that the first watch launched by Parma Strong in 1997 is the Toric series. The hand-knurled pattern is both retro and introverted with low-key aesthetics and visual impact. The breakthrough in craftsmanship and aesthetics is evident. The price of this brand new Toric watch is about 180,000 yuan in China. 180,000 can buy a red gold material, a watch with a super high watchmaking brand, value!

Jacques de Los Grand Seconds Series J007830241

Recommended reason: Jacques de Roy, who launched the Basel exhibition, put more energy on the watch itself this year, not only launched the highly ornamental koi magic lotus automatic doll watch but also launched three characters. Large seconds hand watch. This blue disc is very attractive to me. First, the brand moved the position of the crown to 4 to 5 o’clock. For the first time, the timing function was added to this series. Many people have to ask: Where is the timing button? The brand uses a one-button design, which makes it simpler and more creative in design. This brand new watch is priced at around RMB 160,000.

Summary: Many times playing a watch is not a matter of “cost-effective”. Playing a watch is an interest and hobby of our watch lovers. If you must pursue a passionate watch, you must not always be a Method. The most important initial point of playing a watch is to make yourself happy. I hope that everyone can find their true love on the way to play the watch, but don’t be influenced by others.

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