Jonas Verus Watch Brand Introduction

JONAS VERUS is a niche brand.

The brand proposition of JONAS VERUS is a quite challenging tradition. It is committed to advocating a new life concept, questioning the traditional light luxury concept, and proposing a new luxury attitude. In JONAS VERUS’s view, luxury should not be the accumulation of international big-name LOGO and money. Light luxury, it should be without heavy economic pressure, but you can enjoy the best quality of life. If luxury goods are the status symbol of traditional successful people, then the extravagant attitude is the philosophy of life that young people should have: always insist on pursuing the best life. Even if they are misunderstood, they will be labeled as inexplicable by society. The best gestures face this world.

JONAS VERUS brand introduction

JONAS VERUS is a niche and light luxury brand. It is a new brand designed by FIYTA for young people. It advocates breaking through tradition and creating a new self. Since its birth, it has been focusing on the concept of life that advocates youthfulness, questioning traditional ideas and long-term luxury concepts, and proposing a way of fashion life and a new luxury attitude. In JONAS VERUS, it seems that luxury should not be the way of international big-name watches, but the sublimation of quality and design. Therefore, the only way to pursue a watch is not a high price. The pursuit is to spend the least money to experience the soul of the watch.

Although the grade of the watch is a fashion watch, the quality is also very good. In terms of price, the full price/performance ratio is generally between 500 and 2,000 yuan.

JONAS VERUS has a variety of styles in the product range, including the Nordic style of the Jane series, the re-definition of the traditional style of the respected series, the light business design of the front series, from the neoclassical knight series, there is the simple sports-style V-sport collection for sports enthusiasts and the My Queen collection for Rococo style. Every style of Jonas VERUS has distinctive characteristics, excellent and not too out of place, and everything is just right.

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