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After the Swatch Group and the Basel Watch Fair parted ways, they decided to host the exhibition. This year is the first year of their own exhibition, the theme is “Time to Move”.

However, we found that in addition to these popular charts, there are still some beads that may not be of interest. We deliberately pick it up for the readers to appreciate.

Jacques de Roque

Jacques de Rodriguez is a relatively unpopular brand in the Swatch Group, but the classic level and watchmaking strength are online. This time Swatch’s independent exhibition, they have produced a lot of heavy works.

The first one is this two-time large second-hand watch, which combines many functions with two small dials.

The 12 o’clock small dial is a regular time-division display. The 6 o’clock position is an integrated sub-dial, the outermost circle is a small second-hand indication, the middle circle is the date display (by the pointer), and the other circle is the time display of another time zone (indicated by the red triangle) The innermost part is the earth overlooking the Arctic.

The diameter is 43mm and the thickness is 13.13mm. There are 4 versions available, two steel shells, two red-gold shells, and the red-gold shell is the enamel dial. In addition, in some details (such as scale), it is also with a steel shell. different. Use the 2663H24 caliber.

Using the 2663H24 caliber, the steel shell is priced at 15,200 Swiss francs, which is about 100,000 yuan; the red gold shell is priced at 25,500 Swiss francs, about 170,000 yuan.

Such beautiful work, if you do not consider brand awareness, this price is very attractive.

The second is a large second-hand series. This series of Jacques de Rodriguez is very classic, but unfortunately, the output is not high. At this exhibition, the brand launched the chronograph of the large seconds series (previously the series never had a chronograph), which created a precedent.

The new style follows the classic 8-shaped eccentric dial layout, steel shell, available in blue, gray and silver dials. The satin finish and sandblasting design combine to look great.

In the functional layout, the timing function and the 8-shaped eccentric design are well balanced, and the time indication, date indication, and timing are distributed in the large second’s hand, the large dial and the sub-dial, and are not disorderly.

Carrying the caliber 26M5R movement made by Blancpain, the price is unknown.

The third paragraph, Jacques de koi magic lotus automatic doll watch. Basically lost the meaning of reading, can be appreciated as pure mechanical art.

watch diameter 43mm, red gold or white gold shell, hand-carved and color white mother-of-pearl dial, equipped with 2653 AT2 automatic movement. Pricing is almost 1.7 million yuan.

Glashütte Original

Two days ago, we have already reported the new series that Glashütte originally launched at the show, but in fact, the other classic models they pushed are quite amazing.

The first is the new Senator Observatory watch with a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 12.47mm. Are you familiar?

It’s right to be familiar. In the past few years, GO has also produced a similar senator chronometer, which looks almost exactly the same as it is now, only fine-tuning the details such as the bezel.

It is worth mentioning that this new senator is equipped with a stop-second full-second technology, that is, when the second is stopped, the second hand will automatically return to zero, and the minute hand will automatically advance to the next minute position. One minute and one minute adjustment makes the timing more precise and can be synchronized with the standard time.

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