What Are The Watches Worn By The NBA Players Who Won The NBA?

I didn’t know if you had watched the NBA finals a few days ago. The Raptors, who were not optimistic, defeated the Warriors 4-2 and won this year’s NBA championship.

This round of the finals can be described as brilliant, cold, hard work, pain, sportsmanship… touched countless fans.

Of course, as a watch media, we can’t help but pay attention to what the champions have worn.


Ibaka, who was named “28 Card” by the Tigers, was a bloody battle with the Warriors and the Warriors a few years ago. It was a terrible movie but unfortunately missed the victory. This year, Ibaka finally got a shame, and the tough-guy image on the court also conquered many fans.

Ibaka has a lot of watches. In New York Fashion Week in 2018, he got the gold Patek Philippe Nautilus.

Sometimes he also wears Panerai. The big man in the early 2 meters is the perfect match with the fat sea.

In the same year of Paris fashion events and the Canadian Grand Prix, he started with Cartier Santos. Rough temperament and Cartier seem to have a slight sense of disobedience.

Lin Shuhao

Regardless of the status of the team, Jeremy Lin eventually represented the yellow race, represented the Asians, and represented the Chinese in a championship. The “Lin Madness” that he picked up before has also remained in the memory of the fans.

Lin Shuhao’s watch is not particularly expensive, there is Rolex, there is Bulgari. In 2015, he also became the brand ambassador of Tiger TAG Heuer, and TAG Heuer launched a special version of his series of Jeremy Lin.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two sides seems to have been suspended. Personal speculation is also related to Jeremy Lin’s performance, but helpless.


Remember the “junk brothers” who spoiled in the east that year? DeRozan left after Leonard arrived, Lori consciously assisted the new king of the North, and finally rushed out of the East to win the championship. It is also an inspirational existence.

Like Jeremy Lin, Lori also has a cooperation with a watch brand, that is – Citizen. Citizen also launched a black special edition nighthawk watch for him. However, their cooperation seems to have only ended in a few years. I don’t know if it is not enough to dislike Lori’s popularity.


This person is a bit special. As one of the Raptors’ superstars and one of the NBA’s the strongest stars, Leonard, who has made a splash this year, has a hard time finding photos with a watch. His style of life is just like the expression he always faces, simple and simple, without any embellishment.

According to my understanding, if a person like him wears a watch, it is estimated to be a simple G-SHOCK or Seiko. This can also be seen from his other living habits. For example, although he is estimated to be over 100 million US dollars, he still drives a car of 20,000 yuan. No one can imagine such a person wearing an RM or Patek Philippe look. Low-key and simple, also very good.

Male duck

People who care about pop culture should have heard of the hip-hop superstar Drake. Born in Canada, he is the global ambassador of the Raptors, because the Raptors are a rare Canadian team in the NBA. Due to the deep entanglement with the Raptors, important games must be played every time, and the team has made a lot of contributions to the team. Therefore, in the eyes of the fans, the male ducks are almost always the informal players of the Raptors.

In the historical moment of the Raptors’ win, the male ducks will inevitably participate in the whole process. His watches are just like other hip-hop superstars, and they are more and more embarrassing, mainly sports, such as Nautilus, Royal Oak, RM, Rolex and so on.

However, although these watches are all good watches, in my opinion, they are becoming the standard of hip-hop stars. It is a bit boring. This further shows that there is nothing special about his taste. On the contrary, like Ibaka and Jeremy Lin, who like to get started with non-popular styles, although not necessarily, at least show their own unique mind.

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