How About Suunto Watches?

Suunto is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of motion measurement equipment for mountaineering, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, sailing, and golf. Suunto sports measurement equipment has always been praised by consumers for its cutting-edge design, precision, and reliability. Its sports-specific computer, which combines aesthetics and watches functions, can help sports and outdoor enthusiasts at different stages improve their performance. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto has more than 500 employees worldwide and its products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. It is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation in Helsinki.

The SUUNTO brand was born in 1936. As the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment, the company is headquartered in Fanta, Finland. It has a history of more than 70 years and its products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It is the world’s top motion measurement equipment for sports, such as hiking, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, cycling, triathlon, navigation, and golf. Suunto has always been highly regarded by consumers for its precise, reliable and stylish design, which can help various types of special training and outdoor enthusiasts to enhance their athletic performance.

Spartan Sport Wrist HR Forest: literary, cool and maverick

The dark green Forest is easily reminiscent of a dense forest, where green represents everything. Not just the strap, the fuselage of the Forest is also dark green, even including the text on the back. This color scheme makes Forest look a little lively. Of course, the Forest, which is dominated by the special independence behavior, does not need to have a lively attribute. Forest’s copper-plated stainless steel case and buttons are a symbol of its nobleness. In addition, Forest’s strap buckles have also been added with copper-plated primary colors, but Forest is obviously a little inferior to Spartan Ultra Gold’s gold-plated design. However, this does not affect the overall perception of Forest. The combination of bronze and dark green seems to be more in line with the love of young artists/uncles. After all, they are different from the upstarts in their hearts.

The 1.97-inch dial is paired with an outdoor-grade color touch screen with a diameter of 34mm, which is excellent in sunlight. The width of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR display is not much in the current sports watch. The Fenix ​​5 screen we reviewed recently was 31mm in diameter. I want to be able to directly match the original size of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR. The Fenix ​​5X is gone. The touch screen experience that Spartan Ultra brought to us in the past is not ideal, but after nearly a year of system upgrades, the touch screen experience at Spartan Sport Wrist HR is much better than it was at the beginning, but it still cannot change its wet hands. Performance under. The standard three buttons are Suunto’s “intimate” for those who are not good at using the touch screen. The function is exactly the same as that of Spartan Sport/Ultra. Even the feel of the buttons is not bad, the keystroke is long and the hand feels soft. If you don’t turn on the vibration feedback feel, you may be terrible.

The internal configuration of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR is basically copied from the Spartan Sport design. The built-in GPS/GLONASS dual-star positioning system is equipped with a battery that lasts for 8 hours with the best GPS accuracy. The most important thing is to have a photoelectric heart rate sensor from Valencell.

This photoelectric heart rate sensor using Valencell technology is different from the traditional PPG technology photoelectric heart rate sensor. First of all, the sensor design is obviously different. The traditional PPG sensor uses two LEDs that emit green light and a signal receiver. In addition to the above components, Valencell technology adds an LED that emits an orange-yellow light source to measure blood signals by using a different emission frequency than the green LED.

Thanks to the configuration of the photoelectric heart rate sensor, the overall built-in functionality of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR has not changed much, basically in line with Spartan Sport. Supports up to 80 configurable functions such as running, trail running, treadmill, cycling, swimming, etc. in sports mode, support for step counting, calories, training status, etc. in daily functions, intelligent function support message notification, alarm clock, etc. Although there is no special design in terms of function, the addition of photoelectric heart rate makes the acquisition of heart rate data in motion more convenient.

Spartan Sport Wrist HR adds a heart rate curve to the motion data, which allows real-time heart rate data to be presented directly as a curve. This visual page is better than simple digital effects.

Spartan Sport Wrist HR is not a high-end flagship model, but a cost-effective mid- to high-end sports watch. The launch of Forest, Copper and even the Gold version did not change the positioning of Spartan Sport Wrist HR, but the Spartan Sport Wrist HR of SPECIAL EDITION made more choices than before.

Exquisite Wear For Modern Men.

As a fashion, watches are not only a tool for watching time but also a finishing touch on wearing. A daily watch can not only match the formal wear but also can be used with everyday casual wear to highlight the unique charm of modern urban men. Today, the watch family recommends three daily versatile watches, which are priced at around 20,000, swatch for different occasions.

Baume & Mercier Critton Series M0A10503

Baume & Mercier watches this year’s Clayton Club bronze watch is quite interesting after all, bronze watches are very popular with watch friends. The highlight of Baume & Mercier’s bronze watch is that the color matching of bronze and dial color, whether it is bronze with green, blue, brown or black, has its own style. Bronze with a green dial and a brown scrub calfskin strap, the style is biased towards the retro gentleman’s sense. The self-winding movement provides 42 hours of power reserve for the watch and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Montblanc 1858 Series U0118222

Watch Comments: Montblanc 1858 series also released a new watch this year, two big three-needle models, an automatic chronograph and a Geosphere world time watch. One of the two big three-needle models uses a bronze case with a green dial and a khaki green “NATO” woven strap that fits well with the mountain adventures that Montblanc has always advocated. The dial design continues the classic elements of the brand, such as the “City of the Blue” cathedral-style pointer, the classic rail-style minute scale circle. The movement is equipped with an MB 24.15 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 38 hours. This watch is limited to 1858 pieces.

TAG Heuer AUTAVIA Series WBE5110.EB0173

Watch Comments: This year, TAG Heuer launched Autavia as an independent product line, drawing inspiration from the cockpit and presenting unique elements in the new watch. This watch combines the first generation of Autavia’s round case with the beveled ear of the 1960s. The black smoked dial is based on the original and creates its own style. The powered Calibre 5 caliber is certified by the Observatory and features a high-end carbon composite spring, which is lightweight, low-density and magnetically resistant, adding a touch of light to the watch.

Patek Philippe Watch Series

Patek Philippe is a world-renowned watch brand. The price is usually between 200,000 and 300,000. What is the Patek Philippe watch series? Let’s get to know it!

Patek Philippe watch series

There are many series of Patek Philippe watches. Below is a list of the best price/performance ratios of Patek Philippe watches.

  1. Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167

Aquanaut is a series of Patek Philippe sports watches. Because the styling is very similar to the grenade in military weapons, it has become a “grab” by watch fans. The watch is made of stainless steel and blended with a rubber strap to sport and elegance. It is a modern watch. Because it is a stainless steel watch, the price is relatively good compared to other precious metals.

2, Patek Philippe Calatrava 5296

First of all, I want to say that this watch is the most basic model I feel is worthy of the Patek Philippe. The function of this watch is very simple. The basic three-pin design, there is also a calendar window, the simple design of the case is a circle. The classic representative of the watch is also the masterpiece of Patek Philippe classic style. The size of the watch is 38mm × 9.24mm. The size of the dress is excellent. The simple function is very practical. It is the best entry style for Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe watch series Patek Philippe which classic

  1. Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196

The 5196 differs from the 5296 above in that it is a small three-pin design, and because it is a hand-wound style, the watch is very slim, which is a must-have for retro lovers.

4, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

This watch can be talked about, and Nautilus was born in 1972. In the same year, the slogan “With a wetsuit, with a tuxedo” made its name resound throughout Geneva, Switzerland, and now Nautilus Very hot can be said to be the most expensive steel watch, the original price of 200,000 in the case of the pursuit of the watch friends have been fired to 300,000 are not necessarily bought, although it is entry, but the price does not seem to be getting started.

However, it should be said that no matter which series of the nautilus is handled in the past, it is definitely a top-notch process, and wild can do “one meter and three use”.

5, Patek Philippe Calatrava series 5119

This is also a small three-needle design with a classic “Paris Stud” decoration that accentuates the elegance of the watch. The watch is 36mm in diameter and is very authentic. It is very delicate and is worn by some older men. And the beautiful big back can make people taste it.

This Patek Philippe Nautilus series. It is the first to break the world’s traditions and present itself to the world with a unique look.

New Products From TAG Heuer

Recently, TAG Heuer has launched three chronographs of carbon fiber, which is mixed by the industry. You can have a look together.

The first is the Carrera carbon fiber tourbillon phantom limited edition watch, limited to 500 pieces. Because most parts are dark black, they are named “phantom.” The dial has a semi-hollow design with a diameter of 45mm and a titanium bezel. The bezel and lugs are made of carbon fiber. It is equipped with a self-made movement of Heuer 02T, certified by the COSC Observatory, with a tourbillon, 4Hz vibration frequency and about 65 hours of storage. The price is equivalent to about RMB 150,000. It is basically one of the most cost-effective tourbillon watches on the market.

The second is the gold version of the Calella carbon fiber chronograph. Its lugs, hour markers, and hands are all in rose gold, and the second hand is red, which is quite cool.

The third model is the blue version of the Calella carbon fiber chronograph. The bezel and lugs are made of carbon fiber and are embellished with blue elements on the hour markers, hands, and sub-rings.

Both of the above models use the TAG Heuer’s homemade Heuer 02 caliber with a column wheel and a vertical clutch for up to 80 hours of storage. The gold version is limited to 350 pieces and sells for about 66,000 yuan. The blue version is limited to 750 pieces and sells for about 52,000 yuan.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Hollow Watch 49549 – Charming Perspective Beauty!

Every year, the major watch brands will show their most beautiful timepieces, in order to win the attention of professional watch connoisseurs! Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. The key is to be able to master the balance between technology and design. Just one of the best is not enough. Today, the Girard-Perregaux 1966 hollow watch 49549 is a masterpiece that combines technology and design!

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Skeleton Watch 49549 is different from previous stencil watches. Many brands have to focus on slashing as much as possible, and creating more and more internal knuckles to show traditional manual grinding techniques, often forgetting to keep Balance and readability. Girard-Perregaux’s choice of this time pays more attention to the subtle layering and contrasting finishes, thus creating a very attractive and perfect whole.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 hollow watch 49549 dials are now completely open for the movement, only 12 o’clock gold balance is constantly ticking, gold small seconds hand carefully placed at 10 o’clock. I really appreciate the here with three colors wisely distinguishing three levels: gold: for the outermost rose gold case, the inner edge of the movement ring is printed with gold minute track, hour mark, and hands Gray: The plated hollow splint in the middle layer, the hollow splint has no engraving and decorative pattern, only the brushed texture, the edge of the splint has a perfect polished chamfer, and there are many sharp inner corners in the hollow, indicating that this is done by hand. Silver: All screws, gear trains and barrels (the barrel is also hollowed out, which means there is naturally a power reserve indication.) Due to the high contrast between the polished gold hands and the matte anthracite movement, this watch remains It’s easy to read the time.

The back of the Girard-Perregaux 1966 hollow watch 49549 is also visual enjoyment. It has a large gold turn watch – the hollow is very naughty and has an asymmetrical design, which has a kind of dynamic. All splints are also polished and chamfered as the front side. The GP1800 caliber has 173 components, Girard-Perregaux’s unique “Microvar” screw balance with a frequency of 4 Hz and a single barrel guarantees a power reserve of up to 54 hours.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 hollow watch 49549 continues the proud tradition established by the founder of the brand Jean-François Butte in 1791. The brand is keen to present the superb technology of Girard-Perregaux, and boldly expresses the artistic characteristics of mechanical watches!

How About Jacques De Rodriguez?

How about Jacques de Roque? Does Jacques de Ronaldo watch? Users who are unfamiliar with Jacques de Roy watches may have such questions. In fact, Jacques de Roque has a high reputation and is loved by many insiders.

Since its founding in 1738, Jacques de Rodriguez has been marked with the number “8”, and the Da Ming Huo is the ultimate craft demonstration. In the 18th century, Jacques de Rodriguez was famous for its mechanical dolls. It was favored by the European royal family and the Emperor Qianlong of China. There are many collections in the Palace Museum.

The origins of Jaquet Droz’s founder, Pierre Jacques de Rodriguez, can be traced back to the 18th century – the period when watches entered the Chinese market. At that time, Jacques de Rodriguez’s masterpieces of watches and clocks had been loved by Chinese emperors and dignitaries. Existing historical data shows that since 1783, Jacques Dero has sold products to China through James Cox. The first pair of works is a copper-plated turn-over flowering cage. According to the clear record in the “Incoming Order” in the First Historical Archives of China, the pair of caged bells was dedicated to the Emperor Qianlong by the Guangdong Customs Supervision Mustang on August 3, 1785. Since then, Jaquet Droz has also Her Chinese name – Jacques de Rodriguez. Therefore, Jacques de Rodriguez is one of the first Swiss luxury watches to enter China, and its collection value can be seen.

Unlike other top watches, the movement used by Jacques Delro is not self-made, but an FP movement that is shared with Breguet and the group’s high-end brands! This can be described by a specialization in the industry, Jacques de Rodriguez The design of the exterior to the extreme, especially its dazzling skills, is even more unique. Thus, Jacques de Roy watches can be said that each piece is a work of art.

It is worth mentioning that Jacques de Roy’s annual production is less than the individual limited edition of some brands. This invisibly increases the value and collection value of Jacques de Rodriguez. The price of Jacques de Roy ranges from a few hundred thousand to several million, and the price of individual watches is even more unattainable.

As the outstanding representative of the Swiss watch industry’s earliest “maverick”, the art of watchmaking by Jaquet Droz is widely acclaimed in the European courts and the royal family. Its world-famous “active dolls” and “over-the-birds” The bell is almost an important indicator for judging the diplomatic level of a mission and the importance of its mission. The brand’s watches and clocks have played an irreplaceable role in the early exchanges between the East and the West. Today, the Jacques Jaquet Droz collection in the Palace Museum of Watches has witnessed the brand and China for more than 200 years. The turn of the legend.

Jaquet Droz is widely acclaimed for its fine watchmaking and luxury craftsmanship, especially with the “Grand Feu” Da Minghuo craft. The Arabic numeral “8” is the brand’s artistic inspiration source, meaning perfect harmony. It is widely used in all series of brands. Together with the craftsmanship, it has become the logo of Jaquet Droz, which perfectly reflects the characteristics of the brand craft and design. Since its inception, Jaquet Droz has always adhered to his convictions and is committed to creating artistic and time-honored timepieces. In its view, the watch is not only a mechanical device but an emotional, warm-hearted enthusiasm.

Across the centuries, Jaquet Droz brought the art of transcendence beyond time to China and continued for centuries of Chinese love. This is a full return of a luxurious spirit and a new opening of a gorgeous journey. Jaquet Droz China and Hong Kong brand manager Wen Jiahui said that the world-renowned watchmaker Pierre Jaquet Droz, with his wisdom and keen business sense, is not only a simple design and production timepiece, but his great ambition makes it an automaton. pioneer. Jacques Delro left his great heritage and infinite wisdom to the descendants, intertwined with eternal and modern, and felt the mysterious charm and the enthusiasm of the brand.

How about Jacques de Rodriguez? I believe that everyone has learned that from pure naturalism to magical abstract patterns, from ancient carvings and micro-painting techniques to the new expressions of modern art, from European palaces to contemporary metropolises, these unique models continue Tells the legend of Jacques de Rodriguez.

Exclusive Preview Of The New Zenith Defy El Primero Double Tourbillon Chronograph

The high-frequency chronograph has always been part of Zenith’s brand DNA. It all began in 1969 when Zenith was able to launch one of the best and most accurate chronograph movements of all time – the iconic El Primero. At the end of 2016, the brand introduced the El Primero 21, a novel chronograph equipped with two regulators that can calculate a hundredth of a second error. At the Basel show in 2019, Zenith was once again launching this watch with two tourbillon adjusters, which finally allowed the Defy El Primero twin tourbillon to meet. This is the latest EL PRIMERO double tourbillon chronograph

Today we have the opportunity to experience a limited edition of 50 carbon fiber versions and a limited edition of 10 platinum versions. Both are powered by the El Primo 9020 caliber, which includes a total of 311 components.

This automatic movement uses the original dual architecture. Most chronographs are based on a timing engine that can be matched by a clutch and a dedicated chronograph mechanism. Here, the timing and timing mechanisms are completely independent. Each has its own gear train and tourbillon adjuster. Therefore, there is no interaction between the chronograph movement and the chronograph. The result is that when the chronograph is activated and its mechanism is engaged, there is no amplitude loss and no interference in energy consumption.

The EL PRIMERO double tourbillon chronograph movement vibrates 36,000 times per hour with a power reserve of 50 hours. The chronograph movement operates at 360,000 vibrations per hour and is machine selecwatch and can display 1/100 second. Its tourbillon bracket is rotated every 5 seconds to drive the chronograph hands at an astonishing speed of one dial per second. The second hand is calculated at 6 o’clock and the minute is calculated at 3 o’clock. The power reserve for starting the chronograph is about 50 minutes, and the power is displayed at 12 o’clock. The vision is very intuitive.

The Zenith Defy El Primero tourbillon chronograph is a large watch with a diameter of 46 mm. This is not surprising given the complexity of the movement and its dual architecture. It stands out with vivid technology and modern aesthetics. The angular case is made of black carbon fiber (also available in platinum). The hollowed dial is treated in two tones. A beautiful movement and an open star oscillating weight can be seen through the transparent bottom cover. The case is water-resistant to 100 meters.

But then again, this watch is still huge on the wrists of our Orientals. Despite this, it may be visually acceptance due to the fact that its carbon-fiber casing refracts light. The EL PRIMERO double tourbillon chronograph is equipped with a Cordura-patterned blue rubber strap and a titanium/carbon folding clasp. The platinum version features a black rubber strap with a crocodile coating and is secured by a titanium and white gold folding clasp. The price is 870000 RMB and the platinum is 1089000 RMB.

Two Pieces Of Watch News

#1    200-year-old strap

A few days ago, the famous foreign watch media Revolution cooperated with IWC to create a pilot 36mm special edition watch based on Mark 11.

The size of this watch is 36mm * 10.4mm, with a matte bronze case, titanium alloy cover, sapphire crystal, and some pointers are covered with SuperLuminova luminous materials.

Its strap is also very special, made by British shoemaker George Cleverley with 200 years of Russian reindeer skin. The reindeer skin was made in Russia in 1785, but it was stormed in the sea and sank into the sea and has been buried for more than 200 years. It has been excavated and made into these straps, which is of historical value.

The watch uses the 35111 calibers of the IWC, with 25 jewels, a vibration frequency of 28,800 mph, and a 42-hour moving reserve. It is limited to 150 pieces and sells for about 30,000 yuan.

#2 What is the value of Hermes?

In order to warm up the Geneva show in 2019, Hermès launched the new Arceau 78. “78” stands for the birth year of the Arceau series in 1978, when Henry de Origny, the artistic director of Hermès, inspired the horse to design an asymmetrical ear with italic Arabic numerals that symbolize the horse’s brisk pace. Create the famous Arceau collection from Hermès. This is also the most recognizable Hermès watch in addition to the “H” series.

The Arceau 78 also retains the signature asymmetric lugs and italic Arabic numerals, 40mm in size, with matte-finished stainless steel blasted bezel, a grained grey dial and a creamy hour markers. And the willow pointer, the texture is very delicate.

The fly in the ointment is that the quartz movement is used internally and the price is about 20,000 yuan.

Why Does The Watch Slow Down When Used For A Long Time?

In addition to the fact that mechanical watches are subject to severe magnetic stress, most of the long-term use will slow down. The reason for the slowdown is that the movement lubricant becomes more and more viscous over time, and the dust inside the movement mixes with the lubricating oil to form a so-called “sludge”. Because the effect of lubrication is reduced, the watch naturally becomes slower. The solution is to wash the oil at a professional maintenance facility or a qualified service technician. Washing oil, the general watch consumers themselves can not do.

The movement of the movement is a cumbersome task. Simply put, the parts of the movement are completely disassembled, the sludge is washed off and the new oil is applied. The disassemble does not cause any scratches on the movement parts, the movement function and Accuracy cannot be affected at all.

Every four to five years, the watch movement should be cleaned and maintained, which is the key to ensuring that the watch can be used for a long time. The cost of maintaining the watch should be taken into consideration when purchasing the watch. In general, the more expensive the watch, the more expensive it is to maintain. Rolex maintenance once about 3000-5000 yuan, the maintenance costs of the Patek Philippe basic models are generally close to 10,000 yuan.

Michael kors Watch Introduction

It is about 1,000 to 6,000 yuan, and it is more inclined to decorative watches.

The Michael Kors watch is a fashion watch and the quality is not comparable to the Swiss traditional watchmaking brand. It can’t even compare with the famous Japanese watch brands. Even in the face of CK, Burberry, and Armani, which are also fashion watches, it is not perfect. The essence of Michael Kors’ brand is Jet Set. The great time of the Jet Set in the 1960s was the golden age of American celebrity stars enjoying life. In the morning in New York, in Paris at night, don’t care about the perfect makeup, wear sunglasses, you can leave at any time. Just for an afternoon tea, there is a luxury leisure trend that has a reason to leave. The significance is not only to travel around the world by jet, but the most important thing is to comfort watch.

Michael Kors, a famous American fashion designer, owns a clothing brand named after him. He is a minimalist, the design style is simple and clear, and he likes to use high-quality fabrics to sew clothing. The cashmere knit style is his masterpiece. He is also good at designing expensive sportswear. He is a visionary who does not deviate from reality. He loves New Yorkers in Paris. He has won the attention of the world with his own design. In addition to focusing on his own brand, he is currently a reviewer of the Project Runway, a reality show nominated for the Emmy Awards. In addition, he wrote for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

In addition to the Michael Kors fashion show brand, Michael Kors established two sub-brands of MICHAEL Michael Kors and KORS Michael Kors under Michael Kors in 2004. KORS Michael Kors is an intermediate series between the fashion show series and MICHAEL Michael Kors. The MICHAEL range includes women’s handbags, women’s shoes, and ready-to-wear collections. KORS products include shoes and jeans. Currently, Michael Kors has boutiques in New York City, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, and Costa Mesa.

Compared to the small dial, I still like to be a little bigger. This dial is 33mm, just the size for me. This is a fashion watch, and the brand is also very low-key. I like rose gold and feel good in clothes. And this is set with a small diamond, the bling-bling fried chicken looks good. In general, after wearing it, I feel that it will actually improve the temperament. I always felt that something was missing after I had a good match. So give the fairies some advice. If the style of the clothes is simple, you can choose a watch to match, which can improve the overall dressing feeling. PO took a picture of the hand, and two pictures of the camera.