What Kind Of Watch Is Wristwatch For White-collar Women?

In the workplace women’s watches, in addition to expressing their own fashion attitude, it is best to let the other party feel happy, so what kind of watch are white-collar women wristwatch for?

Today’s women are more and more open and more independent, and the pursuit of individuality and appearance of fashion has become a trend. And there are many watches, which is also one of the favorite collections of fashionable women.


Although Longines is a watch brand with a wide range of products, it must be said that the price and quantity of some of the entry-level women’s watches are wristwatches for introduction here, whether it is the name of Longines or Longines. The Longines, which is marked by the flying wing hourglass, also introduces itself as “elegance. It is the basic values ​​of Longines. The brand is based on the long-standing tradition of innovation and innovation. The perfect balance between exquisite and classic design is reflected in each. On top of the pieces, creating an eternal elegance.”

Maurice Lacroix

Amy is still a Swiss independent watchmaking brand, but it was not established for a long time. It only officially entered the Chinese market in 1998. As a brand with many male watches, Chinese translation sounds like a female watch. There was once a goddess friend who also communicated to me the brand she wore. Because she was not familiar with the brand at the time, Amy was still a relatively young watchmaker who entered the Chinese market and was late.


Mido’s brand spirit is the so-called “inspiration to prove eternal”, so that the fleeting inspiration brings eternal touch, so some products of the United States add exotic cultural elements. At the same time, Meitu claims to adhere to the four strategies in its development process: 1, distinctive style; 2, precise mechanical travel time; 3, unique Aquadura sealed crown system; 4, 100% Swiss manufacturing.


Tissot’s products are common in various T-series. Although Tissot has a long history, Switzerland, which was founded in 1853, was once one of the upper-class choices. However, after several changes, especially after entering the Swiss watch group, it was completely positioned. In the family watch, it has become a domestic first-time job or a favor for Swiss brands, but it is not a choice of friends who want to spend too much money to buy a watch, of course, including many female friends.

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