Is This The Most Popular Rolex Day-date Watch Of The Year?

Rolex itself is a kind of power, especially for the precious metal Rolex. After a day of research, I feel that I still prefer the Day-Date 40 with a green dial, but it is not that other Day-Date is not good, I just predict that this watch may be more expensive.

It is not surprising that Rolex, one of the most prestigious brands in the world, has made many people rush. For me, when I first saw this beautiful new green Day-Date 40 at this year’s Basel world, I felt that this was my love. Few watches make me feel this directly.

The color of the surface of this watch is called “Olive Green” by Rolex. On the surface, this is a new variant of last year’s model, but it doesn’t stop there. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Day-Date, which has been synonymous with leadership and success for six decades, so this year’s iteration is very special. It also has gold and platinum versions. The classic chain strap and the timeless faceted grooved bezel, 40mm enamel case, and of course the advanced observatory certified 3255 calibers. Both metals feel great on the wrist.

The dial of this watch is a real star. Although Rolex’s “Olive Green” naming may be technically correct, it does not capture the full glory. It is a far cry from the bright daylight green of the Hulk submersible, and the Day-Date 40 is closer to the rich moss color. This is a twilight green: dark, mysterious, infinitely charming. It happens to be the iconic color of Rolex, so it’s more worthy of being a collection. The dial text is printed, the applied Roman numerals are impeccable, and the actual senses are modern.

This is the most elegant new product of the Rolex flagship watch I have seen for a long time, and it just celebrates the brand’s 60-week release.

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