Parmigiani New Products

In order to welcome the Geneva exhibition in 2019, Parmigiani launched three new watches.

The first Toric Chronometre Slate (PFC423-1600201-HA1241) was remodeled from the 2017 Toric Chronometre watch. The surface of the disc is decorated with dark gray wheat guilloché. The hour markers and hands are gold. The 6 o’clock position is a fan-shaped date window. It is very textured with the iconic knurled bezel of the Toric series.

The diameter of the gauge is 40.8 mm, the thickness is 9.5 mm, and the size is moderate. It is equipped with PF441 automatic movement, with COSC certification, and is stored for 55 hours. The estimated price is above RMB 130,000.

The second is the Fleurier Toric Capitole, inspired by the Capitolium in Rome, hence the name. It is 45mm in size and features a rose gold case and a grooved knurled bezel. The ornament on the dial is artificially engraved, much like a crepe pattern, but it is actually a spiral pattern on the floor of the Capitolino temple, which follows the law of the Fibonacci sequence. Therefore, it has a special charming beauty.

Another special feature of this watch is its unique “planetary pointer system”, which indicates the time is different from a regular watch. It can be seen that there are three hands in the center of the dial, each end of which has a rotating disc with 4 digits printed on it, and a fan-shaped minute scale circle above the dial. Whenever there is only one rotating disc pointing to this scale, the corresponding numbers are hours and minutes. For example, the picture below is 7:08.

The watch is also designed with a back-to-back design and is equipped with a Calibre PF321 manual winding movement for 40 hours.

The third model is the Fleurier Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène watch. The case is made of rose gold. The bezel is set with 67 diamonds. The white mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with a reddish-brown moon. The lotus pattern in the center of the dial is also made of rose gold. Such a value should be super-killing for women.

The watch is equipped with a self-produced PF318 movement with a moon phase function. Store for 50 hours.

There are two more words here. Parma Johnny’s watchmaking strength can be seen as quite good, but it is precise because of the excellence, the watch is treated as a work of art rather than a commodity, and the marketization is not very good. Therefore, it has always been a niche brand that is not a good name. If it is not the big man of the Sandus Foundation, the prospect is worrying. I hope this brand can find a way out at an early date and continue to bring us good works.

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