Late for a long time to buy a watch, start the Rolex submariner series 114060 no history ghost

After a few days of falling in love with the water ghost. The main thing is whether or not to buy a piece that is very expensive for me. I have never been flustered with luxury goods. It is good to eat and wear as long as it is pragmatic. The brand does not matter. Maybe it is because of personality.

When this question is pending, the wife looks at the “Golden Star Show.” Inside is exactly Venus to talk about luxury, which she said: buy what you want, don’t buy what you need. It means to say: Most of our consumption now is not the function of needing this thing, but want it. Just like me, if you want to see the time, several tables are very new. But why do you want to buy it? Because you want it, for psychological satisfaction.

Yes, this is the consumption trend of the non-material society, and more tends to the spiritual level.

Then, I went to the forum, read the post, and learned about Rolex and the water ghost. Understand the brand value and spirit of Rolex, and further strengthen the determination to buy water ghosts.

I chose the no-water ghost, the reason for choosing no calendar is a little 1000 words, because I would say that the reason for choosing no-blood blisters will definitely lead to a war of words. I can only say that the calendar is very good, but I like it. All our loved ones, and it is good to respect each other’s choices.

After wearing it for a while, I feel very good! The water ghost is good-looking, and the history of the Rolex family is low-key, not eye-catching. But even if you don‘t look at the brand logo, the texture of the material is first-rate to kill a lot of watches. Already looking at the next piece of the goal, I prefer the gold and white wire rod nails.

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