How About The New Tudor New Product This Year?

Rolex attracted the attention of most people at the Basel show, but the popularity of its little brother Tudor was also very good. The genes that are in line with Rolex, reliable quality and relatively close to the people’s price, have always been very competitive.

However, what is a bit strange is that this year’s Pakistan Exhibition, Tudor’s new products have caused some controversy. Below, we have selected three of the most popular Tudor new products, to do a deep analysis.

Bay Bronze P01

When this new product came out, it caused a huge discussion among the parties. First of all, its style is quite rare in Tudor’s historical watches; secondly, the value is a bit out of place.

According to the data, the prototype of the P01 comes from a diving watch developed by the Tudor for the US Navy in the 1960s. At that time, the technology of the diving bezel did not want to be perfect now. The navy personnel was worried that if the diving bet was accidentally touched during the diving to make an unplanned rotation, the wearer would face serious danger. Therefore, suppliers are required to provide a reliable bezel fixing technology. The answer given by Tudor is: set a “pick-up” metal baffle at the 12-point case and the bezel connection. To adjust the bezel, you must open it. After the adjustment is completed, the bezel is fixed.

Open the bezel to adjust the bezel

However, due to unknown reasons, the Navy did not use the design of the Tudor. The prototype was only produced in five pieces and was not put into mass production. Moreover, this unpopular niche watch gave some fake watch manufacturers inspiration, which used this as a prototype to create a batch of Rolex “old watch”, which was abducted and degraded. Of course, this is another story. In short, this P01 still has a historical prototype, but it is not from the production.

As a prototype of the 1960s, right is P01

Back to the watch itself, the diameter of the P01 is 42mm, which is larger than the prototype of 40mm. Steel case with 12-scale bezel, vintage plaster with old hour markers, snowflake needles. The biggest feature of the appearance is that the crown is placed at 4 o’clock, which is said to be the more comfortable watch to wear but sacrificed in terms of symmetry.

In addition, it continues the prototype bezel locking system, which is to open the bezel to adjust the bezel. This brings up a cosmetic problem: the watch looks more “long” and increases the difficulty of driving.

In terms of the movement, the MT5612 movement, which was produced by Tudor, was reprinted for 70 hours. It is COSC certified and can be adjusted at any time of the day. The domestic public price is expected to be around RMB 30,000 and will be listed in July this year.

Bay Bronze Chronograph Edition Gold Edition

Two years ago, when Tudor just launched the Bay Bronze chronograph, the topic was quite high, because it is rare to combine the design of the diving watch and the chronograph. This year, Tudor launched a gold version for this model, which became a popular style in this year’s new products.

The appearance of this watch reminds me of a special disk of the Daytona: “JPS” (John Player Special) produced in 1967. The reason why it is called John Player Special is that the black and gold on the dial are similar to the racing design of the F1 team Team Lotus in the 1970s, and the sponsor of the Team Lotus team is the tobacco player John Player Special (John Player & Sons). “JPS” Daytona is very rare, and there are fewer than 10 in the auctions in the past 20 years. Is this wave of Tudor a benefit to watching fans?

The above guess is a joke. As early as two years ago, Tudor had a gold version of the departure of Bay Bronze, and it was not an accident to apply the inter-gold material to the timing type. This watch can be seen as the “hybrid” version of the three watches mentioned above.

Back to the watch itself, its diameter is 41mm, the bezel and the chronograph button are all gold, the middle link of the gold-plated steel belt is also gold, and the rest are gold-plated.

Equipped with MT5813 movement (the prototype is Breitling B01 column movement), stored for 70 hours, COSC certification, waterproof depth of 200 meters. There are also a variety of straps including the gold strap.

At present, it is estimated that the domestic public price of 4 to 50,000 yuan (the gold strap will be more expensive), listed in June this year.

Bay Bronze slate gray

Following the brown of 2016 and the blue of 2017, this year, the Tudor has produced a third color, the slate gray, for the Bay Bronze. This slate gray bronze bus is also one of the main models of Tudor in this year.

Compared with the brown and blue versions of the previous generation, the color of the slate-gray is not very obvious. At first glance, it is basically a black tone. When you look closely, you can see the gray “shadow” with a gradient effect, which is very subtle.

Other aspects are not much different from the previous generation, 43mm diameter, bronze alloy case, the brown patina will appear over time. Equipped with MT5601 movement, belt, and NATO belt are optional.

It is estimated that the domestic public price will be around RMB 30,000 and will be listed in April this year.

According to this situation, Bay Bronze will be the main force of Tudor in opening up the market this year. Which one do you like the most?


Citizen Mechanical Watch Purchase Attention Matters

Mechanical watch purchase precautions: waterproof

Women buy watches mainly to look at the appearance, but men are not necessarily. Some men pay more attention to the performance of watches when they buy watches. For example, if there is more rain in the offshore or living areas, then it will choose waterproof performance. A relatively good watch, especially if you like diving, you have to buy a professional diving watch. The ordinary mechanical watch can only be waterproof. You should pay attention when you buy it.

2, mechanical watch purchase notes: functionality

When purchasing mechanical watches, functionality is also an important purchase factor. Some people prefer simple and simple functions. However, some people like watches with basic timekeeping functions: calendar function, stopwatch timer, etc. Such mechanical watches can make their own time concept more accurate.

3, mechanical watch purchase considerations: mobility

The maneuverability of the mechanical watch is also very important. If the pointer of this mechanical watch is not smooth, it will not feel good to use. The automatic mechanical watch can also save the trouble of winding.

4, mechanical watch purchase notes: material and style

There are many materials for the appearance of mechanical watches. The general materials are pure gold, gold plating, stainless steel, alloy, titanium, rubber, ceramic. But when choosing, you should look at your age. For example, a young man in his twenties wearing a gold watch is very uncomfortable to watch because he doesn’t match his age.

5, mechanical watch purchase notes: the overall match

When you buy a mechanical watch, you have to compare it with your own temperament. When you buy this, you can know that the match does not match your own. Some people like sports and some people are quiet. At the same time, you should pay attention to your own environment when purchasing watches. If the watch is used frequently, it should not be too shiny, and it is not a catwalk.

After purchasing your favorite Citizen mechanical watch, you should also take good care of it. If you find any abnormal situation when you wear it, you should send it to the repair in time.

What Is The Grade Of The GuOu Watch?

Have you heard of the ancient European watches? Its English name is GUOU, it is a Hong Kong brand, and also a fashion trend clothing brand. Although the GuOu watch is a sub-brand, it has a stylish and beautiful appearance and has a very high-cost performance, which is popular among women of fashion trends. Introduce the ancient European watch today~ talk about the grade of the ancient European watch~

  1. How about the ancient European watch?

Ancient Europe is a clothing brand in Hong Kong. Naturally, it is the most in design. Its watches are also integrated into the latest fashion elements in Europe. Designers inject rich European culture and art into their watches to show the elegant design principles of watches. With the designer’s super high artistic attainment, the mainstream and non-mainstream are integrated, so the ancient European watch is a watch that promotes individuality and walks in the front of the fashion trend.

The brand of ancient Europe is mainly engaged in clothing, so the ancient European watches cannot be compared with other Swiss big brands in many aspects, but as a fashion watch, its price and the super-beautiful design can capture the hearts of many women, as long as they see The ancient European watch can’t restrain the girl’s heart.

  1. What is the grade of the ancient European watch?

The price of ancient European watches is generally around a few hundred yuan, the price is relatively close to the people, the design is more like the girl likes, wearing it can be used as an ornament, bling-bling, very beautiful, looks very high-end, not like a few hundred The watch has a taste like a Cartier blue balloon.

The ancient European watch is beautifully designed and has few functions. The biggest use is that it is very beautiful to wear on the hand. It is very swatched for girls who love beauty. After a brief introduction, everyone should have an understanding of the ancient European watch. From the perspective of decoration, ancient European watches are very good. Male compatriots can also buy one to send a girlfriend!

Watch Performance And Buying Skills

Many people who want to buy a watch don’t understand the performance of the watch and blindly make decisions at their own judgment. Then let’s take a look at the performance and purchasing skills of the watch today.

Watch performance and buying skills

The best choice for the battery is the quartz watch. Because the battery can be used for a long time, it usually takes at least 2 years to change it. Unlike some watches, it is necessary to adjust the time every day.

At least 100 meters of water-resistant watches should be selected for waterproofing. Because of the 30-50 meters waterproof watch, it is normal to wash your hands and can’t enter the water, and the 100-meter waterproof watch is all good, and the waterproof function is better.

When choosing a watch, do not choose a belt watch as much as possible. Since the watch of the belt has to be changed once in about 2 months, it is not too dirty, or it is a condition such as simple cracking. The best straps are made of stainless steel.

It is best to choose a brand of goods when choosing a watch. Because of this, you can have a nationwide warranty, and the quality will be relatively good. The goods of the brand are not much guaranteed, and it is easy to buy parallel imports.

The selection of the watch should be stronger than the shock because you do not rule out that the watch will not fall off the ground and be broken, the stronger the shock resistance will be.

Of course, the above suggestions are for reference only. For example, if the belt watch is more comforteth to wear, then comfort is the main one, and the other is the same.

Watch use precautions

1, avoid the watch near the magnet buckle

No matter what type, or perhaps the value of the N factory watch is afraid of the magnetic field. Regarding mechanical watches, the movement is the simplest to be disturbed by the magnetic field. Although quartz watches do not have as many steel parts, they will not be affected. In response to this problem, especially boys should pay attention not to put the watch around the belt buckle, and girls should keep the watch away from the magnetic buckle on the bag.

2, wear a watch to take a bath or swim

Although some watches are now able to be worn while driving, they are a minority. A typical watch can be worn while you are washing but can’t afford long-term soaking. So please don’t wear a watch to swim or bathe, or even wear it to the sauna. Under the effect of high temperature, the watch will be oxidized.

3, never go to professional maintenance point maintenance

Watches are wear and tear. If you want to make the watch last longer, you must go to the after-sales service for professional maintenance. As for how long it takes to maintain it, it is necessary to consult the after-sales staff.

  1. When the watch is on hold, it does not insist on winding or removing the battery.

When you don’t want to wear it, remember to give it a footprint or remove the battery. As for the mechanical watch, it is necessary to clean and refuel the inside to avoid the internal oil drying up. Watches that are not worn for a long time are subject to the above-mentioned maintenance behavior every month to ensure that the watch can still function when worn.

What Kind Of Watch Is Wristwatch For White-collar Women?

In the workplace women’s watches, in addition to expressing their own fashion attitude, it is best to let the other party feel happy, so what kind of watch are white-collar women wristwatch for?

Today’s women are more and more open and more independent, and the pursuit of individuality and appearance of fashion has become a trend. And there are many watches, which is also one of the favorite collections of fashionable women.


Although Longines is a watch brand with a wide range of products, it must be said that the price and quantity of some of the entry-level women’s watches are wristwatches for introduction here, whether it is the name of Longines or Longines. The Longines, which is marked by the flying wing hourglass, also introduces itself as “elegance. It is the basic values ​​of Longines. The brand is based on the long-standing tradition of innovation and innovation. The perfect balance between exquisite and classic design is reflected in each. On top of the pieces, creating an eternal elegance.”

Maurice Lacroix

Amy is still a Swiss independent watchmaking brand, but it was not established for a long time. It only officially entered the Chinese market in 1998. As a brand with many male watches, Chinese translation sounds like a female watch. There was once a goddess friend who also communicated to me the brand she wore. Because she was not familiar with the brand at the time, Amy was still a relatively young watchmaker who entered the Chinese market and was late.


Mido’s brand spirit is the so-called “inspiration to prove eternal”, so that the fleeting inspiration brings eternal touch, so some products of the United States add exotic cultural elements. At the same time, Meitu claims to adhere to the four strategies in its development process: 1, distinctive style; 2, precise mechanical travel time; 3, unique Aquadura sealed crown system; 4, 100% Swiss manufacturing.


Tissot’s products are common in various T-series. Although Tissot has a long history, Switzerland, which was founded in 1853, was once one of the upper-class choices. However, after several changes, especially after entering the Swiss watch group, it was completely positioned. In the family watch, it has become a domestic first-time job or a favor for Swiss brands, but it is not a choice of friends who want to spend too much money to buy a watch, of course, including many female friends.

How About Hublot Watch “Red Devil”?

How about Hublot watch “Red Devil”? After the show, a Hublot watch tailored for Manchester United players was co-hosted by “Old Sir Regin” Ferguson and Hublot China’s brand director Louis Beaver. The proceeds were donated to UNICEF through the Manchester United Foundation. It is used to improve the lives of young people in backward areas around the world. When the football stars took off Manchester United’s Red Devils jersey, wearing Paul Smith’s classic suits and knitwear catwalks, it is also decent, gentle and elegant. There are details of the laughter and the eyeballs, the players’ hands on the platform to show the Hublot are in place. Lingard and Macheda even swayed at the camera, and the Chinese children dressed in Chinese costumes and the stars also became a big point On the scene. As the final model, “Old Sir Alex Ferguson” faded half of the T-stage and turned back, and gave a good evaluation of the players’ catwalks, and revealed: “We did go through some difficult trai Ning. “

Question: Many people know Hublot because of its combination of sports. Why did you choose this field? What standards does Hublot have when choosing different sports?

Answer: The origin of Hublot watches and sports has actually begun at the moment of birth. Because HUBLOT is the meaning of “porthole” in French, sports is also an integral part of our lives, and it is a channel that can make Hublots very Close to consumers. Other brands may only do sports such as tennis, but Hublot is different, we will cooperate with these projects in many aspects. Our target consumers are elites from all industries. They have their own preferences. Some like sailing. We have Teamed up with Monaco to launch our nautical projects. Some like F1 cars, and we will also be involved in racing projects. In terms of football, we also have cooperation with the European Cup and Manchester United; of course, skiing… When These customers have different interests, we work with a variety of projects to increase their access to our brands. The facts also prove that such a concept is very successful.

Question: Will it be worried that this kind of multi-faceted cooperation will distract consumers and reduce their attention to Hublot watches?

Nowadays people’s vision is more open-minded and more hobbies. Nowadays, modern people are involved in many sports and have a wide range of hobbies, so our cooperation with various sports projects can bring us more customers. Even if some customers are currently unable to purchase Hublot, we are willing to pass on our brand information to them. Maybe some people are still very young, but they know that Hublot watches are very good, individual and avant-garde. watch brands, in the future they will have a concept in their minds become their dream, they will buy our products when they have the ability in the future. At the same time, we hope that through various cooperation, such as cooperation with Ferrari and other sports projects, we want to convey a Concept to a wide range of markets and consumers that the success of our brand is not the only success in the market, we also have the same quality. With unpainted pursuit, we have the research and development of our own new mate Rials, and we will continue to launch our own research and development and production of movements. This is a message we hope to convey to our vast market through various aspects of the movement.

Question: But Chinese people have always had a bottleneck in the consumption of sports watches. Most people still prefer the more traditional models. Will you deliberately break through this bottleneck?

We may believe in the core value and overall strategy of Hublot Watch, so we will not make special changes to a certain market. We believe that our past success will continue to work on several major series of brands based on past successes. British football giants” Manchester United and Hublot’s cooperation has reached its fourth year. Since 2008, Hublot has officially become Manchester United’s “official time” and has successively launched the “Red Devil” named three. Limited edition watch. The “Red Devils” After showing the show also attracted a lot of attention. Compared with the “Red Devil Generation” and “Red Devils II”, this watch has undergone subversive reforms regardless of appearance or material. The open design of the dial allows the wearer to see The movement of the movement. The center’s two eye-catching straight pointers are easy to read. One of the pointers is specially designed for football matches. It is clearly timed 45 minutes with the white Arabic numerals on the inner bezel. In the previous two watchs, the 45-minute time was presented at 9 o’clock with a small dial.

The Ukrainian watch indicates that the grass green scale at the moment is another bright spot. What makes people wonder is that these 12 scales are sealed and transparent in the special grass blades from the old Trafford lawn by UV, freezing and other special treatments. In lacquer, this unique design is estimated to make all Manchester United fans crazy. The famous “Red Devil” pattern at three o’clock is the iconic convention of this series of watches, which is filled with the rebellious feeling of British rock, and The black and red main color of the watch is also 48 mm in diameter. It has a visual impact.

Rolex Watch Head Icon And Meaning

As long as it is on the head of a brand-name watch, there must be an icon. This is the same as a car. The LOGO of the watch trademark must be placed in the eye of the bright face. The LOGO is generally a graphic, but also has English letters, such as a watch. Full name or abbreviation or prefix. The icon of the head can also be regarded as a beautiful “landscape” of the watch, which means that it is the original, finely crafted; counterfeit fake watches often do not do well in this nuance, fuzzy rough is a common problem.

The Rolex watch with the enamel case has excellent waterproof performance. This is also the structure of the watch’s watch handle. Because the watch’s crown is a moving part, it needs to be operated frequently, so the seal in this place is especially important. Rolex watches use a lock mechanism with a turnbuckle, the seal will be like a cork after tightening; and there are at least two waterproof seals here; like the Green Water Ghost (16610LV model) and the Daytona series of watches The waterproof sealing rubber ring is up to 3 heavy, and the added one is on the outside of the crown tube of the watch case, and the crown can be seen. On the head of the Rolex watch, there will be some logos. The logo is under the Rolex Crown GOLO. It is represented by dots or dashes. There are one, two, and three dots. These marks represent the material of the watch case also represents the structure of the watch case and the crown.

The specific meaning of the logo:

1. A representative watch of a dot is a PT950 platinum gold case. This precious metal has a large proportion, and the watch is pressed to compare the hand;

2, the two origins of the representative watch with 18K white gold or gold case;

3, three origins can also be understood as triple waterproof, with this type of watch, the outer side of the crown tube can be seen with a waterproof sealing rubber ring. On the basis of triple waterproofing, if the watch case material uses platinum, then which of the three origins will be smaller; if the watch case material uses 18K white gold, then the three origins will be smaller on both sides. When the three origins are generally large, the situation is equivalent to the use of short horizontal lines, usually, the case material is 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel or pure stainless steel.

4, there are most cases of short horizontal lines, the short horizontal line seems to be a “wildcard”, the watch is a case is double waterproof, the watch material is 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel, or pure stainless steel, in the Rolex watch This configuration is the most common.

Is This The Most Popular Rolex Day-date Watch Of The Year?

Rolex itself is a kind of power, especially for the precious metal Rolex. After a day of research, I feel that I still prefer the Day-Date 40 with a green dial, but it is not that other Day-Date is not good, I just predict that this watch may be more expensive.

It is not surprising that Rolex, one of the most prestigious brands in the world, has made many people rush. For me, when I first saw this beautiful new green Day-Date 40 at this year’s Basel world, I felt that this was my love. Few watches make me feel this directly.

The color of the surface of this watch is called “Olive Green” by Rolex. On the surface, this is a new variant of last year’s model, but it doesn’t stop there. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Day-Date, which has been synonymous with leadership and success for six decades, so this year’s iteration is very special. It also has gold and platinum versions. The classic chain strap and the timeless faceted grooved bezel, 40mm enamel case, and of course the advanced observatory certified 3255 calibers. Both metals feel great on the wrist.

The dial of this watch is a real star. Although Rolex’s “Olive Green” naming may be technically correct, it does not capture the full glory. It is a far cry from the bright daylight green of the Hulk submersible, and the Day-Date 40 is closer to the rich moss color. This is a twilight green: dark, mysterious, infinitely charming. It happens to be the iconic color of Rolex, so it’s more worthy of being a collection. The dial text is printed, the applied Roman numerals are impeccable, and the actual senses are modern.

This is the most elegant new product of the Rolex flagship watch I have seen for a long time, and it just celebrates the brand’s 60-week release.

Parmigiani New Products

In order to welcome the Geneva exhibition in 2019, Parmigiani launched three new watches.

The first Toric Chronometre Slate (PFC423-1600201-HA1241) was remodeled from the 2017 Toric Chronometre watch. The surface of the disc is decorated with dark gray wheat guilloché. The hour markers and hands are gold. The 6 o’clock position is a fan-shaped date window. It is very textured with the iconic knurled bezel of the Toric series.

The diameter of the gauge is 40.8 mm, the thickness is 9.5 mm, and the size is moderate. It is equipped with PF441 automatic movement, with COSC certification, and is stored for 55 hours. The estimated price is above RMB 130,000.

The second is the Fleurier Toric Capitole, inspired by the Capitolium in Rome, hence the name. It is 45mm in size and features a rose gold case and a grooved knurled bezel. The ornament on the dial is artificially engraved, much like a crepe pattern, but it is actually a spiral pattern on the floor of the Capitolino temple, which follows the law of the Fibonacci sequence. Therefore, it has a special charming beauty.

Another special feature of this watch is its unique “planetary pointer system”, which indicates the time is different from a regular watch. It can be seen that there are three hands in the center of the dial, each end of which has a rotating disc with 4 digits printed on it, and a fan-shaped minute scale circle above the dial. Whenever there is only one rotating disc pointing to this scale, the corresponding numbers are hours and minutes. For example, the picture below is 7:08.

The watch is also designed with a back-to-back design and is equipped with a Calibre PF321 manual winding movement for 40 hours.

The third model is the Fleurier Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène watch. The case is made of rose gold. The bezel is set with 67 diamonds. The white mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with a reddish-brown moon. The lotus pattern in the center of the dial is also made of rose gold. Such a value should be super-killing for women.

The watch is equipped with a self-produced PF318 movement with a moon phase function. Store for 50 hours.

There are two more words here. Parma Johnny’s watchmaking strength can be seen as quite good, but it is precise because of the excellence, the watch is treated as a work of art rather than a commodity, and the marketization is not very good. Therefore, it has always been a niche brand that is not a good name. If it is not the big man of the Sandus Foundation, the prospect is worrying. I hope this brand can find a way out at an early date and continue to bring us good works.

How about Casio G-shock?

Many people’s understanding of Casio is first of all endurance, and there are many functions because their first watch is Casio or g-shock series. When it comes to Casio, the most impressive thing for everyone is its GPS+ global 6-wave reception, solar-powered. So, let me introduce the Casio G-shock series watch~

  1. How about Casio G-shock?

The price of the Casio G-shock series is already very cheap. The price of the watching network is generally between 500 and 2,000 yuan. The positioning is for young people who like sports. The income of this group is relatively low, so this series of watches has become one of their choices.

In this series, of course, there are over 10,000 MRGs, but few people buy this. Because of such high prices, there are many choices. Why not choose other better brands?

Therefore, in general, over 10,000 watches, many people are unwilling to buy this brand, to an Omega, Tissot can display their status. Let’s just say that this brand has been labeled as a cheap and easy to use the label.

The favorite brand of college students is Casio, mainly because it is really practical. The synonym of the Casio G-shock series is the trend and vitality. It is very popular among young people

  1. What grade does Casio belong to?

Love watchers know that Casio is a Japanese brand. Like Seiko, Dongfang and Citizen brands, it is one of the top four watch brands in Japan. Most of Casio’s watches are electronic watches, and the quality is a little better than the famous electronic watches in China. The sporty, young, stylish and multi-functional image of Casio watches is already deeply rooted.

In my opinion, Casio watches are of medium grade and belong to the young street fashion. Casio also has six series of watches, including G-SHOCK, BABY-G, PROTREK, EDIFICE, SHEEN, OCEANUS.